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Ha Tinh: Dozens of teachers turned pale when arrears for the secondment support

Dozens of teachers working in Ky Anh district and Ky Anh town (Ha Tinh province) were appalled when arrears were collected to support their secondment, working hundreds of kilometers away from home. They had to rush to borrow everywhere to repay.

Ha Tinh: Dozens of teachers turned pale when arrears for the secondment support
Ky Long Secondary School (Ky Anh Town) where Mr. NHP was assigned the task of being in charge of the Team but was not entitled to a responsibility allowance.

In order to ensure the balance in the number of teachers among the districts in the area, for many years, Ha Tinh has deployed hundreds of teachers from districts with redundant teachers to seconded work in Ky district. Anh and Ky Anh Town – where there is a shortage of classroom teachers.

In the school year 2021 – 2022, Ky Anh district and Ky Anh town will receive 18 secondary school teachers from Duc Tho, Huong Son, Can Loc, Thach Ha, and Huong Khe districts (under the subjects of Mathematics – Information, Mathematics – Physics. , Music, Technology) to work.

Since the policy was established until now, in addition to the prescribed salary regime, teachers participating in the secondment work are supported with an amount equal to 1 times the base salary each month (equivalent to 1,490,000 VND – PV). Up to now, Ky Anh district and Ky Anh town have spent this money on 18 non-district teachers participating in the secondment here. The early school will be solved until May 2022, the late school will not until March 2022.

However, recently, before handing over work for summer vacation according to regulations, all district teachers, besides going on second missions in Ky Anh district and Ky Anh town, received a notice of arrears for this support amount. as of January 2022.

Talk to PV Infonet, a teacher on secondment in Ky Anh district said: “Recently, I received a notice to claim back the amount of support 1,490,000 VND/month for 5 months, equivalent to 7,500,000 VND. They explained that, that part of the expenditure only applies until the end of 2021, in 2022 it will be cut, schools will spend wrongly, so they must collect it. In the near future, the Provincial People’s Council will meet, if possible, it will be returned to the teachers.”

“Why are the Finance, Treasury, Ky Anh Education Departments and schools not aware of the provisions of the Resolution? Support us and now claim back. We were poor materially, and now we have been hurt more mentally,” the teacher expressed his frustration.

According to this teacher, it is not easy to raise a one-time amount of 7,500,000 VND to pay back, especially for new teachers who have to use a whole month’s salary to pay. There was even a teacher who went on a secondment unfortunately died in a traffic accident.

Ha Tinh: Teachers who go to teach hundreds of kilometers away from home are suddenly arrears for second-hand support
Leaders of Huong Khe district met and gave gifts to 5 teachers on a second mission in Ky Anh district in the 2021-2022 school year.

In this regard, a principal whose teacher came to second said: “In principle, if you make a mistake, you must sympathize with the teacher to recover the budget and return it to the state. If the Provincial People’s Council meets in the near future and agrees to support the seconded teachers, the school will pay them back.”

“Resolution 96/2018/NQ-HDND of the province dates from 2018, due to subjectivity, in the process of paying support, the accountant as well as the Rector did not think about the timeline specified in it. Moreover, when submitting the file, the Treasury also approved it, so it didn’t detect it, if the Treasury controlled the expenditure and prevented it, it would not happen,” the Principal explained.

According to this principal, this is a priority subject, so when the school has a salary, the school will change the support mode immediately to encourage them. Gasoline prices skyrocketed, traveling hundreds of kilometers, receiving support of nearly 1,500,000 VND was nowhere to be found, now arrears to the school are also very apologetic.

In addition to running around to borrow money to repay the school like other teachers, the NHP teacher who went on secondment in Ky Anh Town also had many difficult feelings to release. After taking the job, Mr. P. was assigned to be in charge of the Team, but there was no decision to assign tasks and he was not allowed to receive responsibility allowances. Moreover, the bus support amount is 400,000 VND/month, so far, Mr. P. has only received until December 2021.

“During a school year, I “eat at home and serve the general staff” to bring the Team movement into order without any regime. However, at the end of the year, the school also asked to pay 400,000 VND for electricity for lighting in the boarding room where I live,” said Mr. P.

“Knowing that the secondment regime is paid according to the regulations, however, it is not possible for the former seconded teachers to be supported, but we cannot go to the second camp 120km from home”, said Mr. P. sadly said. .

Regarding the information reflected by Mr. P., Mr. Le Xuan Lam, Principal of Ky Long Secondary School (Ky Anh Town) said: “The bus fee to support the 1st second seconded teacher has been fully paid, The second phase has not been issued yet, so we have to wait, when it is available, it will be transferred to the teacher”.

“In the past, the school had a teacher who was in charge of the team, so the allowance was 0.1 included in the salary sheet, and Mr. P was a seconded teacher, so the school could not include it in the salary. A decision must be made to assign someone to be in charge of the team before the Committee will provide that source,” explained Mr. Lam.

Talking about providing responsibility allowances for teachers in charge of the Team, an accountant with many years of experience said: “According to regulations, schools must set up a salary fund at the beginning of the year (including salary coefficient and allowances) to the Department of Education and the People’s Committee of the district/town, then the Finance Department will base on the salary sheet to provide funding. When there is a change in personnel, the school accountant must make an increase/decrease report to transfer the allowance from the old person to the new person.

Ha Tinh: Teachers who go to teach hundreds of kilometers away from home are suddenly arrears for second-hand support
Ky Khang Secondary School (Ky Anh District) and many schools in the area must collect the support money distributed to the seconded teachers.

In terms of the situation of the seconded teachers, they have accepted being away from their families, wives and children, some people have to travel hundreds of kilometers to school, facing many difficulties, supporting them in addition to sharing part of the travel costs. In addition, this is also a policy with humanistic meaning to encourage teachers to work with peace of mind.

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