How to download iOS 16 beta version

The iOS 16 version with improvements in the lock screen, SharePlay, iMessage… has just been released by Apple at the WWDC 2022 event. As every year, only the test software version for developers is provided after the event. The stable iOS version for general users will be available at the time of the iPhone launch at the end of the year.

To experience Apple’s new operating system early, users can download it through the developer configuration profile. At the same time, only devices on the supported list from Apple can be upgraded to iOS 16. All iPhone models released after the iPhone 8 model can install the new operating system. At the same time, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 have been officially discontinued by Apple.

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Steps to upgrade iOS 16 Beta.

Because it is a test version for programmers, iOS 16 Beta may have many errors and software conflicts during use. Therefore, users need to consider before upgrading and backing up all data on the device through iTunes.

To update iOS 16 Beta, users access betaprofiles.com page with Safari browser, go to iOS 16 section, select Instal Profile. After downloading the profile, the user accesses the Settings app, goes to General, to the Profile & Device Management section. Here, readers open iOS 16 Beta Software Profile, agree to the terms from Apple and install. Once the profile is installed, your iPhone needs to be restarted to start the upgrade.

In the last step, after the iPhone restarts, users open the Settings app, go to General settings to download iOS 16 Beta. The installation will be done automatically just like regular software upgrades. In addition, to upgrade to iOS 16, the device needs at least 60% battery and 7 GB of free memory space.

Upgrading to iPadOS is also done with the same steps. As for the operating system selection, users click on iPadOS 16.

iOS 16 is an operating system version that focuses on personalized user experiences. The lock screen is at the heart of the upgrade, with font and color customization features applied. At the same time, many Widgets appear from the external screen and can be interacted with from the moment the iPhone is opened.

Notifications on the lock screen are rearranged, instead of overlapping in the center of the screen. Live Activities is a newly added feature for applications to update status information continuously.

Many improvements in the Wallet, Maps, News applications were launched by Apple. However, these features are not popular or not yet available in Vietnam.

In addition to software upgrades, Apple also launched the Apple Silicon M2 chip and two new MacBooks. In particular, the MacBook Air M2 series has a completely new design, larger screen and support technology MagSafe charger. Apple’s new ARM-based processor focuses on optimizing performance on power consumption. At the same time, the ability to handle graphics from the device is also improved compared to its predecessor.

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