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Husband slashes wife selling lottery tickets in Phu Yen for ‘calling and not answering’

When he was drunk, Luong Quang Hoang, 49 years old, recalled calling his wife many times but never getting an answer, so he went to find and cut down the victim at the intersection of Tuy Hoa City (Phu Yen).

After more than a week of hunting down his wife, Nguyen Thi Huong (50 years old) Luong Quang Hoang (from Phu Hoa district) was prosecuted and detained for investigation for murder, Phu Yen Provincial Police said on the afternoon of June 7. .

Initially, Hoang Khai, after living together, he and his wife had many irreconcilable quarrels, so in 2019 they separated. The wife lives with her daughter’s family, working as a lottery ticket salesman. As for him, his health is weak, he cannot do heavy work, so all living expenses are helped by his sister.

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Luong Quang Hoang, when controlled by the police, brought him to the office

Although separated, the couple often keep in touch. Mrs. Hoang often provides food for her husband. Recently, he called many times but his wife did not answer, so he was angry.

At noon on May 30, after drinking and getting drunk, he recalled many phone calls but was not answered, so he drove to the intersection of Tran Cao Van – Tran Hung Dao, ward 4, Tuy Hoa city to find him. Arriving there, the husband saw his wife selling lottery tickets, took a machete and slashed many times.

The victim suffered injuries to his back, head and arms, collapsed and was taken to the emergency room, until now his health is gradually stabilizing.

Mr. Hoang was later arrested by the police for investigation.

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