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I am not greedy because I always take care of my mother and sister

I am the author of the article: “Worried about giving money to my sister”, please explain more so that you can better understand my story.

The first is the land in the name of the grandmother. She has my father and an illegitimate son. According to the land law at that time, the owner was the head of the household, so my family of six divided six parts. My paternal grandmother and father passed away, and my sister and I inherited second place. My aunt is in the first line of inheritance. She refused the estate and received only 300 million dong in cash when she sold the land.

My family is poor, when the family meeting agreed to transfer the name of one person to me or my sister to facilitate the sale of land for money. I told my mother to transfer my name to her because I have a stable job, a high salary, and I don’t want to be known for selling land for money. Mom and aunt decided to transfer my name to me.

After selling 1/3 of the area, it was about 1.8 billion VND, that price did not include tax, then divided it with my half-brother and father, 300 million VND, then divided it with my grandmother’s sister 200 million. due to these people related to my plot of land. They agree to receive money to reduce the difficulty in transferring documents. After the division is complete, there will be about 1.3 billion VND. I will build a house for my mother about 800 million dong, and a few hundred million dong for her as in the previous post. I keep the rest or give it to my mother to take care of her old age.

>> Conflict of opinion about living with my sister

I spent a lot of effort in the past seven years doing paperwork, convincing people to transfer the name to one person to facilitate the sale of land. It doesn’t matter if the land is transferred to my name or my sister’s name, after selling it, I consider it as dividing the money, that’s all. As for the house built, I don’t live because I work far away and plan to set up a business there.

The debt of 200 million VND I intend to get back but it is difficult for my brothers and sisters, I love my grandchildren, so I do not claim anymore. The brother-in-law refuses to save money to pay the debt, if he gives money, he will depend on him. I repeatedly called my brothers and sisters to stay at home with my mother and change the name of the land I am in their name, but they did not agree. I am a son, I work far away to support my mother and give her money every month. At the age of 31, I have not collected anything for myself but taking care of my mother and sister. So where do people see me being greedy?


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