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I’m alone on the ball track… I’m without you…

Hello, I’m Panky, I’m alone in the top rows… I’m without you… VIDEOM IS IN THE AIR Totally Free LOL Assistant U.GG to Download: My VALORANT -Channel: GOOD VIEW! ! DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT IF YOU LIKED IT! To join my Twitch shows: ——————————— – – ———————————— For 25% discount benefit in games: https://www .playsultan Our Discord Address: —You may be interested— ● CS:GO FACEIT with Panky l WTCN and Leylü Team https://youtu. be/vedHO3APS7w ●NEW HOME TOUR | VLOG ● PANKY VS ELWIND | THE BEAR OF THE ORACLE ● WE TRANSMIT KEL LEYLÜ (LEFT GAME) ● WE LEAVE IRELIAYI AT HOME https://www. /watch?v=j2kbF6pIl98 ● CLAIM: LOSE BAN IF WE WIN MOD —————- – —– ——————————————– – — Playlist ► ——————— —- – ————————————- ●I usually play League of Legends and CS:GO in my twitch streams. . Do I post daily Twitch Broadcast Moments, Match Highlights, Champion Guides, Twitch Funny Moments to my channel? In short, Panky gives Aragaz every day and watches it twitch. Check out my playlists for gameplay videos of champions. Thank you for your support, have fun! ●How can I support you? You can support me by watching, liking, commenting and subscribing to videos. I try to read all comments as often as possible. Thank you for your support. ●I will continue to share funny moments, champion guides, game info and fun games, don’t forget to subscribe me so I don’t miss them and I would appreciate if you comment on the video. #Panky #LeagueOfLegends #LoL #pankyayı #funnys #lolkomicans #lolmacolons #pankycanliyayin #pankylol #funnymoments #lolbestmoments


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