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Impressions of Coach Gong Oh-kyun

Switching to 4 defenders did not break the defensive wall of U.23 Vietnam, even the first 2 official matches under the rule. Coach Gong Oh-kyun showing positive signals about comprehensive defensive wings.

Attack power from 2 sides

The new coach Gong Oh-kyun took over the hot seat from his predecessor Park Hang-seo in the context that the defensive ability of U.23 Vietnam reached an “invulnerable” level: not conceding a goal at the tournament. SEA Games 31. Recalling this to emphasize how much pressure coach Gong Oh-kyun is under, especially after a 0-3 defeat in a friendly match against U.23 UAE, makes many people skeptical of the attacking philosophy. work with the 4-3-3 diagram he applied to U.23 Vietnam. However, those doubts were gradually replaced by surprise, even turning to anticipation, excitement and excitement.

U.23 Vietnam made a strong impression at the finals of the AFC U.23 Championship 2022

Phuc Thang

U.23 Vietnam Under Mr. Gong’s hands, he played confidently and boldly against Thailand U.23 and Korea U.23. Worth mentioning, 2 of the 3 goals were scored by two full-backs, Phan Tuan Tai (left wing) and Vu Tien Long (right wing). Phan Tuan Tai made an extremely bold mark in all 3 goals of U.23 Vietnam up to this point. In addition to the goal at the 17th second that went into the history of the U.23 Asian Cup finals, he also had 2 picturesque assists, helping his teammates score equally beautiful goals. One is the skillful volley of striker Van Tung, which is compared by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) to the goal of the Dutch player Marco van Basten; One is Tien Long’s right-footed shot, sending the ball to the far corner of the goal, no less than Benjamin Pavard’s masterpiece of the French team. Argentina at the 2018 World Cup.

Tien Long’s beautiful goal is also commendable in that this is a rare time in many years, two full-backs of U.23 Vietnam directly collaborate. In the system of 4 defenders, the line players are often given little opportunity to move freely in the role of attack and defense like the 5 defender system. But coach Gong Oh-kyun is helping U.23 Vietnam have two very flexible border corridors, as revealed by Tien Long: “Teacher Gong asked us to attack in our own way even though the opponent was Anyone, must be flexible and boldly participate in the attack to create a goal. I want U.23 Vietnam to have freedom within the framework, freedom but still keep the distance of the squad, not break the distance between the lines and still be as mobile as possible.”


Of course, just saying attack is not enough. U.23 Vietnam has demonstrated stability in the defensive front when there were 27 times to rescue the massive attacks of U.23. Korea. In which, Bui Hoang Viet Anh and Nguyen Thanh Binh together neutralized the risk 17 times. Quan Van Chuan deserves the highest score in the draw with Korea U.23 with 5 excellent saves. The way the whole squad moves together as a block, flexibly responding to the terrible pressure of the defending champion U.23 Korea shows that Mr. Gong still inherits and promotes his strengths of discipline, cohesion and collective spirit. by Coach Park Hang-seo.

“Vietnam U.23 will win against Malaysia U.23”

“In the last match of the group stage, U.23 Vietnam must win to have a chance. U.23 Malaysia controlled the ball and pressing was not too impressive, so we must definitely attack. The penetrating power from the two sides will continue. is a strength when coach Gong Oh-kyun asks for an attacking way with 2 full-backs that will rise when crossing the opponent’s field, things are getting better with Vietnam U.23 while Malaysia U.23 disoriented after 2 big defeats. If they continue to play liberally and defend together, U.23 Vietnam will win against Malaysia U.23”, commentator Dang Phuong Nam shared.

Former player Dang Phuong Nam commented: “Overall, the performance of U.23 Vietnam is relatively satisfactory. In modern football, defending is not only the responsibility of 4 or 5 people but the whole team. The team, the whole block, looking at U.23 Vietnam, it is clear that that sense is very good, when all positions are ready to actively press, fight fiercely, that is what U.23 Vietnam has achieved. However, in the first 2 matches, it is only natural that during the game, there are personal mistakes that lead to goals conceding, or the support is not good, because this squad has little time to practice together. U.23 Vietnam has clearly demonstrated the inheritance of outstanding characteristics of Coach Park Hang-seo is discipline, teamwork, and the will to not let go. If it’s a little different like Mr. Park using 3 central defenders or Mr. Gong arranging 2 central defenders and 1 protruding midfield, it’s each person’s forte. But it can be seen that both teachers who built the defense system are good, the collective sense of the whole team is high. The important thing is that the way of playing football is very confident, the mentality is very stable, the distribution of strength is reasonable, showing Mr. Gong’s mark clearly on U.23 Vietnam “.

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