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India shocked by 4 child rape cases

NDTV said the first rape happened on May 31 when the 12-year-old girl was reported missing. Police found her in the Sultanshahi area of ​​Hyderabad on June 1. The girl was sexually assaulted by two men while visiting her grandmother’s house.

The taxi driver allegedly drove her to his friend’s house to rape her, then released her the next morning. The two men, Shaik Kaleem Ali, 36, and Mohd Luqman Ahmed Yazdani, were both arrested.

The second rape also happened on May 31. Little girl working at a retail store. The suspect – Mohd Sufyan – took her home and sexually assaulted her. The girl then complained of abdominal pain, leading to Sufyan’s arrest.

India was shocked by 4 child rape cases - Photo 1.

India was shocked by 4 cases of child rape. Photo: NDTV

The victim of the third rape was a 16-year-old girl living in an orphanage. She was raped in a car on April 22, but the case only came to light recently. When the girl went to buy a birthday cake with defendant Suresh, 23, he played tricks on her in the car. This guy worked at a photocopy shop and was arrested.

The fourth rape case involved a young girl being raped in a theater. I was lured by the suspect to watch a movie 1 month ago and commit a crime. The defendant, who is also a minor, has been in contact with the girl for the past few months.

The four incidents above occurred after the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl that shocked Hyderabad. Five “blue-bearded lovers” raped the victim when she returned home from a party in the Jubilee Hills area on May 28. One of the suspects arrested by the police was the son of a local leader. Another suspect is the son of a politician in the city of Sangareddy.

In a related development, a British woman was raped by a local man near Arambol beach, Goa state – India, right in front of her partner.

PTI news agency quoted police on June 7 as saying the suspect was Vincent D’Souza, 32, a member of a group that provided illegal massage services near Arambol beach, which is visited by many international tourists. visit. On June 2, he asked the victim – a middle-aged woman – to give her a massage while she was lying near Arambol freshwater lake with her partner but then raped her.

The police arrested D’Souza for investigation.

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