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Japan breaks world record for data transmission speed

Japan broke the world record for data transmission speed - Photo 1.

With data transfer rates of up to 1.02 petabit a second from Japanese researchers, you can download a million episodes in just 1 short second. Screenshots

Japanese scientists have found a way to take data transfer rates to a new level, breaking current records. A new record for data transfer speeds has been set by a research team at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan, at 1.02 petabit/s with a distance of 51, 7 km, according to Science Alert.

In other words, if every single episode on Netflix weighs 500 Mb, with this new speed you can download more than 2 million episodes in 1 second, an amazing speed.

One of the interesting aspects of this new data transfer speed record is that it uses a fiber optic network like the one used for normal internet infrastructure. This will make it easier to upgrade data transfer speeds in the future, the researchers say.

Just a year ago, the institute’s researchers achieved top speeds about a third of what they do today. This speed shows the rapid development of current technology.

The experiment combined the use of 0.125 mm diameter multi-core fiber (MCF) and wavelength division channels (WDM) to help signals of different wavelengths be sent simultaneously.

In total, there are 801 parallel wavelength channels stacked on the same transmission line, providing incredible data transfer rates.

Another improvement applied is the use of a four-core fiber cable instead of a standard one. It essentially quadruples the data transmission routes while keeping the standard fiber optic cable sizes the same. The researchers also applied a variety of other optimization, signal enhancement, and decoding technologies.

With 5G also continuing to roll out around the world, the vision of a future where mobile devices with super-high-speed internet connections is becoming clearer and clearer.

“In addition to 5G, data traffic from new information and communication services is expected to increase dramatically, and therefore it is important to find out how new fibers can meet this demand,” according to the announcement. NICT press release.

The research was presented in May at the International Conference on Lasers and Optoelectronics (CLEO) 2022.

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