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Lee Boram (SeeYa) shares a life full of debt and difficulties

Recently, female idol Lee Boram (former member SeeYa) made an appearance on the show Hangout With Yoo and has many remarkable shares about life and music career. Notably, the fact that she admitted that she was stuck in debt for 16 years of her debut despite her busy schedule made the audience feel sad.

The Korean female idol shares a life full of debt and difficulties, even though she used to be in the top Kpop group - Photo 1.

Lee Boram (far left) with girl group SeeYa

“I just want to pay off all my debt. I still have a lot of debt to bear. When I was active in the group, I didn’t earn much. My father’s car is too old, I want to exchange a new car for him. “, female idol said. Experience by Lee Boram has made netizens both pity and angry with the old management company MBK Entertainment.

Many of SeeYa’s songs are familiar to Vietnamese fans since 2007

In the show Sugar Man 3, SeeYa once revealed that the group didn’t know they had won first place on a music show because they had too many schedules and could only eat instant noodles and cereal every day. With such a dense frequency of activities, people don’t understand how MBK has divided profits with artists, but a veteran idol who has worked hard still hasn’t made enough money to pay off debt for the past 16 years.

The Korean female idol shared her life in debt, piling up difficulties even though she used to be in the top Kpop group - Photo 3.

The hit group is T-ARA’s senior

Some netizens’ comments:

– MBK’s family is full of great vocals, ballads are good, but the ost is even better, but the company is so boring.

– MBK has in hand a group of potential giants that are constantly at the top, but how does it treat domestic chickens.

– MBK is a paradoxical drive. T-ARA, Davichi, SeeYa, Speed, Shannon, Co-ed School… are all promising. The company music is also good, especially the ballads. But I don’t know push, handling the crisis is bad. It’s like having talent but don’t know how to use it. Generally boring!

– It turns out that MBK treats domestic chickens really badly. Squeezed to the extreme is nothing for the group. It was the same with T-ARA.

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