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Lisa competes with “extreme” beauty next to Anne Hathaway

Recently, Lisa (BLACKPINK) had a chance to shine next to “former Disney princess” Anne Hathaway at an event of a major jewelry brand in Paris, France.

In this event, both Lisa and Anne Hathaway wore striking yellow outfits. The moments when the two beauties of two generations shared the same frame quickly, the topic was discussed by the public and the fans. Undeniably, Anne Hathaway at the age of U40 still looks young and beautiful. The beauty of the “former Disney princess” is even commented that it is not much different from 20 years ago.

However, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is not inferior in beauty when standing next to her senior who is nearly 20 years older than her. Standing next to the most beautiful beauty in Hollywood, Lisa still shows herself extremely well, worthy of the title of “Asia’s most beautiful face”.

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Lisa is excellent despite standing next to “former Disney princess” Anne Hathaway.

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Even in unedited moments, the beauty of these two beauties is also “extreme”.

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Lisa is not inferior to her older sister nearly 20 years old.

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