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Living in Russia under sanctions: empty stores, rising prices, personal tragedy

How is life in Russia under sanctions 3 months after the start of the military operation against Ukraine? Generally not good. Please consider supporting my cause: PATREON Here is Russell’s channel INSIDE RUSSIA (Ex LETTERS TO KING) is your window to Russia where you live in today’s Russia explained. Here’s the truth about Russia from an insider you can trust. No fake news, no propaganda, no bullshit 🔔 Subscribe to regular updates from Mother Russia: Connect with me on Telegram: 🔴 🔴 Please support me by becoming a channel sponsor! ✅ Recommended Playlists: ➡️ My personal stories ➡️ Russia explained 🔴🔴 Muster RUSSIA ➡️ NEW VISIT TO PREPPERS VILLAGE AND BEE ATTACK IN RUSSIA LETTERS TO THE KING living in Moscow Russia beyond Russia declares yes Russia other russia, truth about russia, russian plus minimal girls #RUSSIA #SANCTIONS #CRISIS


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