Looking back at the world’s strength

“There has never been a women’s football team inviting Vietnam before. But we made it to the World Cup finals, then won the SEA Games again. Those achievements have created a great resonance for the Vietnamese women’s team. Thanks to that, teams from all over the world invited us to friendlies.”Coach Mai Duc Chung said.

At this time, the Vietnamese women’s team is gathering at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Center to practice and prepare for the journey to conquer. AFF Cup in July. Coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students will have a friendly match with the French women’s team on July 1, at the invitation of the French Football Federation.

The Vietnamese women's team was invited by France to play a friendly match: A look back at the world's strength - 1

Coach Mai Duc Chung trains the Vietnamese women’s national team.

“This is the first time the French women’s team invites the Vietnamese women’s team. We are very happy and excited. Obviously, the Vietnamese women’s team has made many progress and achieved good results before being invited to friendlies by other teams.

“In terms of qualifications and class, we are much inferior to the French national team. However, the purpose of the next match is to rub and study towards the AFF Cup. Next game we don’t focus on winning or losing, that’s also what I told the players so that everyone can try.”Coach Mai Duc Chung said.

Similar to coach Mai Duc Chung, midfielder Chuong Thi Kieu was excited about the opportunity to go to France to play a friendly match. She understands that the opponent is very strong, but insists she will put all her mind to competing and learning in the next match.

“I feel excited and happy. So far, no team has invited Vietnam to play such an exchange. That’s why I’m very happy to have the opportunity to learn from other teams, and to look back at my level at the world level.”shared by Chuong Thi Kieu.

In addition, coach Mai Duc Chung said that he called many young players in this gathering to prepare the next team for the Vietnamese women’s team.

“The World Cup will take place in July 2023. The Vietnamese women’s team has a few elderly people, so I called the young athletes up to practice and get used to the scheme and tactics of the women’s team. That will help young players improve and quickly respond to the needs of the whole team.At the end of this year or early next year, maybe a few older players will retire, when it will be the younger players who will replace them. So the Vietnamese women’s team will have a good successor force.”Coach Mai Duc Chung said.

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