MC Lieu Ha Trinh ‘shakes hands’ with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds

In recent years, the writer – MC Lieu Ha Trinh is considered a character that inspires positive living for young people with talk shows or books containing many useful messages. Most of her productions are meant to help the audience find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Continuing the emotional healing journey, the author of Brothers make talkshow Memories Island with a cinematic perspective. In the program, MC Lieu Ha Trinh and journalist – MC Trac Thuy Mieu are the ones who lead the emotional circuit, giving personal perspectives when listening to a character’s true story. Each episode will be accompanied by psychologist Dr. To Nhi A to explain from a psychological point of view, giving a scientifically backed point of view to explain the guest character’s behaviors.

MC Lieu Ha Trinh 'shakes hands' with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds - 1
MC Lieu Ha Trinh 'shakes hands' with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds - 2

With a multi-dimensional perspective and scientific explanation, “Memories Island” is a psychological talk show that helps guests find solutions to heal their wounds, lead a beautiful life and think positively.

Different from talkshow Self-love at 0 o’clock when MC Lieu Ha Trinh and a famous artist opened up about a letter sent to him, Island of memories is the place for the owner of each story to appear, to face the wounds that are still “bleeding” and from there to be ready to let go of the pain of the past. The guests of the talk show are completely ordinary people, looking to MC Lieu Ha Trinh with the desire to heal the hurt of being “stuck” in her past.

In addition to bringing the characters to light, each story is also “cinemaized” at the hands of director Hoang Si Dang, giving the audience a better sense of the key points leading to psychological wounds deeply rooted in memory. of the guest. Although it is only reproduced in the form of a short film, each episode will more or less find sympathy in the audience. Viewers can even find “shards” from the main character’s story. Before that, director Hoang Si Dang also accompanied MC Lieu Ha Trinh to perform 3 successful seasons of Voluntary at 0 o’clock.

From the perspective of the producer, who connects with the guests, MC – writer Lieu Ha Trinh said: “The stories that are distilled and told in the talk show are all based on the perspective of when the character is stuck in a memory for too long. This gradually becomes an obsession or mental pain and causes them to become negative and afraid to face reality. When producing the program, I and the crew wanted the guests themselves to boldly step out into the light to face their fears, listen to the objective thoughts of those who have experienced them, and learn analytically. The science of a doctorate in psychology. In total, the character himself will understand why he is ‘stuck’ and find the key to escape that dark room.”

MC Lieu Ha Trinh 'shakes hands' with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds - 3
MC Lieu Ha Trinh 'shakes hands' with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds - 4

MC Lieu Ha Trinh said, “Memories Island” is just a trial version, in the long run the program can be a companion with the audience to find a balance of health and psychology.

In the first episode that aired, the guest was a female friend who had experienced an unhappy marriage and suffered physical and mental injuries from abuses. This event partly directly affected her eyes and made her not dare to open her heart to seek love.

In episode 2, the guest is a guy with a fear of loss, fear of losing his last loved one, his sister. Coming to the program, he has the biggest desire to express his feelings and hope that his sister who is far away can hear him and return to Vietnam soon.

From the character’s story, MC – journalist Trac Thuy Mieu For the first time talking about his dead father, he was so moved that he couldn’t speak, and shed tears when he reopened the wound in his heart. From the female MC’s narration, the audience felt that Trac Thuy Mieu had great affection even though she was separated from her father. For her, death is not the end, does not make love or connection lose. Above all, family values ​​still exist, meaning they are still alive and present in each person’s life. Accepting the pain of no longer having a father by her side, but her heart is still with him, MC Trac Thuy Mieu has more energy to live better every day.

MC Lieu Ha Trinh 'shakes hands' with Trac Thuy Mieu as a talk show to heal wounds - 5

After experiencing from the characters and the two hosts of the show, the audience also found the words that Lieu Ha Trinh sent from the beginning: “If family is still there by default, then why do we always feel so lonely and empty?“. Along with MC Trac Thuy Mieu, Lieu Ha Trinh reminds busy young people to focus on their families and take care of their loved ones while they can.

Video: “Memories Island” episode 2

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