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MC Phan Anh plays a movie

After a long time on the air, the drama “Underground Storm” will officially end with the final episode premiering on the evening of June 7.

When asked about the most regretful thing in Underground storm, Major – Dr. Dao Trung Hieu – the father of the film said that it was a work that had been omitted for 12 episodes after the censorship process. Therefore, the film does not guarantee the logic and seamlessness as the author’s original desire.

Though, Underground storm is still considered a successful work when attracting the attention and anticipation of many small screen audiences. After the film, viewers will enjoy a Vietnamese work called Small way to life.

Small way to life tells about Dung – a high school student and his “best friend” over 60 years old – Mr. Thanh. They are two strangers in two different generations, from the relationship of “customer” – “motorcycle taxi driver” gradually becoming two friends who sympathize, understand and stay by each other’s side at any time.

Dung has lived with his father since childhood, has everything except for family meals, because Mr. Hoang – Dung’s father is busy all year round with work.

And Mr. Thanh, a retired official, decided to work as a motorbike taxi driver just to be less lonely in his cold relationship with his wife and son. Two people, one old and one young, have in common that they are alone in their own house.

MC Phan Anh plays a movie - Photo 1.
MC Phan Anh plays a movie - Photo 2.

The women who suddenly appeared in the middle caused the relationship between Dung and his father to become increasingly tense. It was at this time that Dung realized that Mr. Thanh – the motorbike taxi driver who was always smart, loved money, calculated every penny, was the one who understood his thoughts and thoughts.

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Small way to life exploiting the story “crisis at the age of 18” from a very modern perspective, the issues are very close and true. More specifically, the film offers a story of age-defying friendship that was previously overlooked.

The film has the participation of actors including People’s Artist Bui Bai Binh, People’s Artist Ngoc Thu, Hoang Long, Hiep Do, Ngoc Huyen… Most especially, MC Phan Anh’s presence after 10 years of absence from the small screen .

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MC Phan Anh plays a movie - Photo 5.

In the movie, Phan Anh will play the role of Hoang, a man who is successful at work but has failed in his marriage. Sharing about his character, he said that this is an image of a father who is quite familiar with real life.

Hoang met all of his children’s requests, but forgot the most important desire was family affection. This causes the father-son relationship to become increasingly distant.

Another interesting point is Small way to life made by director duo Nguyen Duc Hieu – Le Do Ngoc Linh. This is also the pair of directors who once resonated with the young theme film 11 months and 5 days. Small way to life officially aired the first episode on the evening of June 8 on VTV1.

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