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MC Van Hugo publicizes her daughter’s appearance

Last May 23, Van Hugo announced the birth of the second baby and was congratulated by many friends and colleagues. The baby of the female MC and her businessman husband, affectionately named Sesame, is now 2 weeks old. In the past few days, Van Hugo has hidden and opened many lovely moments of taking care of children.

Until recently, the female MC has officially announced her daughter’s appearance on social networks. In the photo, Van Hugo and her businessman husband both open happy smiles towards their little daughter. Baby Sesame inherits the beauty from his parents, especially his tall nose and lovely plump mouth.

On her personal Facebook, Van Hugo excitedly expressed: “Then it’s time to see that little angel every day, fascinated by every cute little movement, diligently sucking every ml of milk for your baby, happy. when watching the baby so well, patting the baby on the back and breathing a sigh of relief when the baby burps, the maternal instinct is still intact like that first birth. and cherish their parents more, take care and give unconditional love, continue the endless love flow of life.”

MC Van Hugo publicizes his daughter's appearance - Photo 2.

Van Hugo first revealed her daughter’s appearance with her businessman husband

MC Van Hugo publicizes his daughter's appearance - Photo 3.

The MC’s husband also helps his wife take care of the children these days

Van Hugo and her husband have been in the same house since July 2020, both of them have not been able to hold a wedding due to the influence of the epidemic. Van Hugo’s husband is a businessman with extensive experience in education. The two had been dating for more than a year before officially moving in together. Van Hugo’s step son is loved and pampered by his stepfather like his own son, he is living in a white villa in Ho Chi Minh City.

MC Van Hugo publicizes his daughter's appearance - Photo 4.

After a breakup, now Van Hugo has an admirable and perfect home

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The MC’s stepson is also loved and cared for by his stepfather

Photo: Facebook character

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