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Meaning in feng shui & How to plant and care

Origin of anthurium

Anthurium has the scientific name Anthurium Andraeanum, belongs to the family Araceae, native to Colombia and Ecuador. Anthurium is also known by other names such as red sail, persimmon, round flower, red anthurium.

Is kind Crops Herbaceous, anthurium has a small size, short stem and often grows in bushes. Green leaves are heart-shaped, 18cm – 30cm long. Young leaves are pale in color and darken as they mature. The petiole is about 30cm – 40cm long and has a cylindrical shape. Anthurium has a long life compared to other ornamental plants.

cay hong mon 1 549
Anthurium has many other names. (Illustrated image)

Not exuding aristocratic beauty, but the rose has its own characteristics, idyllic and close. Anthuriums grow in clusters on a long, curved stalk. Mo is bright red, oval with pointed tip, heart-shaped corner, clearly blue veins. Inflorescences curved pale yellow.

How many types of anthuriums are there?

Based on the size, the anthurium tree is currently divided into 3 main types, which are: great anthurium, middle anthurium and small anthurium. Depending on preferences and purposes, homeowners can choose the right anthurium to grow as an ornamental.

cay hong mon 3 550
Depending on the size, anthurium trees are divided into 3 main types. (Illustrated image)

The recognizable feature of the anthurium compared to the other two types is the large leaf plate, the leaf veins are propeller-shaped, with a light green color. Leaves are oval in shape, the tips of the leaves are oblong, the petioles are long and drooping. The anthurium flowers are mo and areca-shaped, with long stalks.

With its tall size and large leaves, it is suitable for planting in corridors, office buildings or hotel lobbies. Meanwhile, middle anthurium and small anthurium are very suitable for table decoration.

In addition, anthurium is also classified based on the color of the flower, such as: red anthurium, white anthurium, powdered anthurium.

The meaning of anthurium in feng shui

In feng shuiAnthurium tree is meant to bring luck, fortune and prosperity to the owner.

About the name, the name of the tree is a combination of two words “hong” and “mon”. In Chinese, “pink” is the word for red, which is a color that symbolizes luck and happiness. And “subject” is the word for the door, which is very important in ancient culture. Therefore, hong mon means the door that opens to luck and happiness.

cay hong mon 4 551
The red anthurium symbolizes luck and happiness. (Illustrated image)

Anthurium leaves are heart-shaped with dark green color, this image symbolizes lasting and sincere love.

For those who are doing business, it is advisable to place a pot of anthurium at the desk or the front desk of the company. In addition to decorating the workspace, the anthurium tree is also meant to bring luck, convenience and fortune.

There is also the notion that the anthurium is heart-shaped, so no matter what color it is, it is also a plant symbolizing lasting love. In some other places, anthurium is also a symbol of hospitality.

What is the fate of anthurium? What age is it suitable for?

Based on the color of flowers and the Five Elements, anthuriums are divided into two types. The red, pink and orange anthuriums belong to the element of Fire. The white rose anthurium belongs to the Kim element.

According to the Five Elements of Life, people born in the Fire and Earth years will be compatible with red, pink and orange roses.

Specifically, people with the Fire sign were born in the following years: Giap Tuat (1934, 1994), Dinh Dau (1957, 2017), Binh Dan (1986, 1926), At Hoi (1935, 1995), Giap Thin (1964). Dinh Mao (1987, 1927), Mau Ty (1948, 2008), At Ty (1965), Ky Ox (1949, 2009), Mau Ngo (1978), Binh Than (1956, 2016), Ky Mui (1979).

People with Tho destiny were born in the following years: Mau Dan (1938, 1998), Tan Ox (1961, 2021), Canh Ngo (1990), Ky Mao (1939, 1999), Mau Than (1968), Tan Mui (1991) , Binh Tuat (1946, 2006), Ky Dau (1969), Dinh Hoi (1947, 2007), Binh Thin (1976), Canh Ty (1960, 2020), Dinh Ty (1977).

cay hong mon 6 552
Those of the Kim and Thuy par are compatible with white flowers. (Illustrated image)

Meanwhile, those born in the year of Kim and par with the year of Thuy will be compatible with the pink septum with white flowers.

People with the Kim destiny were born in the following years: Nham Than (1932, 1992), At Mui (1955, 2015), Giap Ty (1924, 1984), Quy Dau (1933, 1993), Nham Dan (1962, 2022), At Suu (1985, 1925), Canh Thin (1940, 2000), Quy Mao (1963), Tan Ty (1941, 2001), Canh Tuat (1970), Giap Ngo (1954, 2014), Tan Hoi (1971).

People with the Water sign were born in the following years: Binh Ty (1936, 1996), Quy Ty (1953, 2013), Nham Tuat (1982, 1922), Dinh Suu (1937, 1997), Binh Ngo (1966), Quy Hoi (1983, 1923), Giap Than (1944, 2004), Dinh Mui (1967), At Dau (1945, 2005), Giap Dan (1974), Nham Thin (1952, 2012), At Mao (1975).

What is the effect of rosemary?

Besides the meanings of feng shui, anthurium is also an ornamental plant that has an effective air-conditioning effect. In addition to absorbing CO2 and providing O2, the anthurium also purifies gases such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and ammonia in the air.

Placing anthurium in the workspace will help keep the space greener and reduce stress for employees.

cay hong mon 7 553
Anthurium is effective in purifying the air. (Illustrated image)

With heart-shaped green leaves and vibrant red flowers, anthurium is a favorite flower of lovers. They often give each other anthurium on Valentine’s Day instead of the promise of a strong and passionate love.

Although effective in purifying the air, the whole body of anthurium contains toxins Calcium oxalate and Asparagine. Therefore, if there are small children in the house, you should be careful when planting because if they eat any part of the plant, it will cause burning in the throat, stomach and intestines. If crushed leaves or flowers stick to the skin, it will easily create a rash and blisters.

How to grow and care for anthuriums

There are two ways to choose anthurium varieties to plant. If it is a single-stem tree, cut the bud from the root tree with roots. If it is a tree that already has 2 buds, split it in half into 2 trees to plant.

After selecting the seedling, the next step is to prepare the soil. Soil should be rich in nutrients, loose and well-drained. It is possible to mix more manure or coir into the soil.

cay hong mon 8 554
Anthurium is very easy to grow and does not require much care. (Illustrated image)

Next, place the seedling in the pot, press the soil not too tightly and water the plant fully. It is recommended to place the plant in a shady place, the seedlings will begin to root and develop normally. Anthurium is very easy to grow and does not take too much care.

Do not overwater the anthurium as it will cause the roots to rot. In the rainy season, it should be watered once a week. In the dry season, it is recommended to water 2 times/week or 3 times/week.

The suitable temperature for anthurium to grow well is usually from 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight. A cool space, even with air conditioning, will be a suitable environment for this plant.

Selling price of anthurium on the market

Depending on the size of the large or small tree and the color of the flowers, the price of anthurium trees is different. According to the survey, the popular selling price of anthurium on the market today ranges from 50,000 VND/tree to 500,000 VND/tree.

The price of anthurium also depends on whether the gardener sells it with a pot or not. Usually cheap anthuriums are small sized plants, have no flowers and are sold without a pot. Plants that are available in pots and have other decorative plants will have a much higher price.

In addition to ornamental plants, some gardeners also provide pre-cut anthurium products. If buying in bulk, the wholesale price ranges from 3,500 VND/cotton to 7,000 VND/cotton. As for retail, the price will be higher, from 5,000 VND/cotton to 15,000 VND/cotton.

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