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Miss Thu Ngan divorced her businessman husband

Recently, Miss Thu Ngan confirmed that she broke up with businessman Doan Van Phuong after a period of attachment. Sharing with the media, the beauty said that before completing the legal procedures in early 2021, she and her husband separated for a year, and both agreed to divorce.

The life of Miss Thu Ngan before divorcing her businessman husband?  - Photo 1.

Miss Thu Ngan boarded a flower car and shared a house with businessman Doan Van Phuong after a few months of being crowned Miss Vietnam Global Identity 2016. (Photo: FBNV)

Miss Thu Ngan and her ex-husband waited until now to announce the divorce news to the public for fear of making noise and affecting people around. After the divorce, Miss Vietnam Global 2016 chose a quiet life, with no intention of returning to art. In her spare time, she studies knowledge of Buddhism, anthropology, traveling…

Miss Thu Ngan, full name is Tran Thi Thu Ngan, born in 1996, hometown Hai Phong. In 2016, she was crowned Miss Vietnam Identity Global. At that time, she had just turned 20 years old. Not long after the coronation, the queen suddenly announced her marriage to businessman Doan Van Phuong, 19 years older than her. The couple’s wedding was held magnificently in January 2017.

The coronation moment of Miss Thu Ngan. (Source: VTV1)

Miss Thu Ngan lives a private life and rarely participates in showbiz after marrying a businessman

Thu Ngan – Doan Van Phuong knew and got to know each other for 4 months before moving into the same house. After becoming a rich bride, Miss Thu Ngan limited her showbiz activities, spending a lot of time completing her study program and doing business. At the beginning of their marriage, the two still got to know each other. For beautiful people, this is a way to make life interesting and new.

Because of the large age gap between the couple, Thu Ngan and her businessman husband always try to integrate. Thu Ngan learns about her husband’s hobby of collecting antiques, playing bonsai, and drinking tea. In contrast, the business man tries to be younger to get along with his wife.

The common point between Thu Ngan and Doan Van Phuong is the interest in food, travel and business passion. At the end of 2017, Miss Thu Ngan gave birth to her first son for her businessman husband. On her personal page, the queen often updates happy pictures with her small family.

The life of Miss Thu Ngan before divorcing her businessman husband?  - Photo 3.

Miss Thu Ngan and businessman Doan Van Phuong share a baby boy. (Photo: FBNV)

Having received a question about Doan Van Phuong, the Hai Phong-born beauty revealed that he is a psychological, responsible and loving husband for his wife and children. Doan Van Phuong is a well-mannered man, good at internal and external relations.

Although she is a businessman and often has to go out to meet customers, Doan Van Phuong still tries to spend time taking care of her son. He always gives the beauty a feeling of trust, is a safe shoulder for her to rely on in times of weakness.

Miss Thu Ngan said that there were a number of regulations between her and her ex-husband to resolve conflicts in marriage. When arguing, no one is allowed to leave the house. Both are not allowed to reveal their private affairs to outsiders. Violators will be severely punished. Currently, Thu Ngan and businessman Doan Van Phuong still maintain a good relationship, raising and taking care of their son together.

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