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My brother-in-law picked up a piece of fatty meat and put it in my bowl and then became a parasite, unexpectedly my husband made her face pain.

My brother-in-law’s name is Lan, he has been studying abroad for more than half a year, but he still can’t get a job, he stays at home all day. Yet she was constantly envious of me. I also stay at home and don’t work, but I have to take care of 3 small children, not to mention the housework for my husband’s family.

From the day Lan returned home, I felt more suffocated than living with my mother-in-law. Because whatever I do, she is also scrutinizing.

Lan criticized me for being dirty but it was she who was messy. I don’t know how she lives abroad, but at Lan’s house after bathing, she throws her clothes in the bathroom, not bothering to put them in the washing machine. When she finished wearing the dress, she threw it all over the bed, I was the one to clean the room and wash it. She has not been able to sweep the house with a broom since the day she returned, and she has never been to the kitchen to cook.

Like the meal that day. While I was busy cooking dinner, then bathing and feeding my 3 children, Lan was just lying on the bed surfing the phone. But when it came to the meal, she pouted, glaring at me for cooking bad food. “There’s nothing wrong with cooking. Who can eat it when I cook like this?” – Lan said scowling.

My brother-in-law picked up a piece of fatty meat and put it in my bowl and then hung out with curry, but I didn't expect my husband to make her face - Photo 1.


Seeing that, my mother-in-law picked up her chopsticks and tried the dishes. Then she turned to Lan and said: “That’s delicious, my sister-in-law is the best cook in that neighborhood. Are you just picky, or are you used to Western food?”.

Seeing that I was protected by my mother-in-law, Lan became more and more uncomfortable. She took the fattest piece of pork and put it in my bowl and said: “If you don’t do anything at home, eat this piece of meat to get fat.” Originally, I couldn’t eat fatty meat, so Lan did that and made me feel awkward.

Seeing me pause for a few seconds, my husband immediately picked up that piece of meat and put it in Lan’s bowl. Then he said: “She also stayed at home and did nothing, eat to get fat. She stayed at home, but she still had to take care of the children so that he could go back to work. And yet, she still had food, laundry, and cleaning this house. But when did she go home? I’ve just been in the dining room for the past month and haven’t sat down, nothing to do.”

Lan argued: “Can you still defend her? She let me go out to earn money, and I stayed at home happily sleeping until noon, no one called. Need to buy something, I raise my hand to ask for money from my husband without shame.”

“You’re the one who’s humiliated. She’s always asking for money from him. But she’s still loud, isn’t she? Her sister looks like that, but she still takes online jobs to do, earn money with him to raise children and take care of his parents.

Will she apply for a job to earn money to pay her sister-in-law? It was she who lent her parents 500 million so she could study abroad.”

Lan was shocked when she heard that because she didn’t think I had that much money. At the end of the meal, Lan accepted to wash the dishes. When she finished, she went up to my room and whispered apologetically.

To be honest, I’m also very angry with Lan, but I respect the relationship between the sisters. It was bad that my husband taught me. And since then, I see Lan’s attitude towards me is different!

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