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My viewer with 100% win rate with Kalista Top Lane

My viewer with a 100% win rate with Kalista Top Lane is on the air! Don’t forget to like the video for gameplay guide videos, gameplay recaps, challenger analysis and broadcast moments of LoL moba matches. Subscribe: My second channel: You can use SenpAI, the #1 LoL wizard to level up in League of Legends, Download totally free: More Videos: LOL Highlights: Challenger Analysis: Match Analysis : https://bit. ly/3we0R4y Live Coaching: https://bitly/3sHFSov Demirden Challengera Analysis: LOL Tier List: Question and Answer: https://bit .ly /3m94nZ6 Hi guys, my name is Furkan, I live in Arikovan, Bursa. I started the game at the end of Season 3. I’ve worked as a mid laner on 1603 Nilüfer Belediye, ANT, and BPI teams. After giving up acting professionally, I decided to become a coach. We won the Promotion League with Pars E-spor and now I coach the Dark Passage team. My Instagram Account: My Twitch Channel: Discord: For Sponsorship: [email protected] gmail. com #malkoc #lol #dp


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