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Nearly 100 pubic lice nest on male patient’s eyelid

All 100 pubic lice on eyelids

News from Hung Vuong General Hospital said that the patient with pubic lice nesting on his eyelids is a man (55 years old, residing in Ha Giang).

The patient came to the hospital for examination with the reason that his eyes were very itchy. He had examined and applied medicine at a number of hospitals near his home but did not get better.

At the Department of Ophthalmology, Hung Vuong General Hospital, the patient’s eyes are examined under a microscope. The doctor also “fired” because there were hundreds of parasites and parasitic eggs on the patient’s eyelids.

Rare: Nearly 100 pubic lice nest on the patient's male eyelid - Photo 1.

The image of hundreds of pubic lice under the microscope was discovered on the patient’s eyelids, causing dizziness. Photo of BVCC

Doctors performed local anesthesia and removed nearly 100 pubic lice parasites and more than 100 eggs.

Through investigation, the patient said that his family has poultry and cattle under the floor and that may be the cause of his infection with pubic lice parasites on his eyes.

According to eye specialists, itchy eyes are caused by many causes such as: blepharitis; Due to parasites; Due to fungus; Due to allergic conjunctivitis. But itchy eyes caused by pubic lice are rare.

Eye specialist, Hung Vuong General Hospital recommends that people should clean their bodies and houses because parasites can live and reside anywhere, can live on the body. human body.

Pubic lice can be transmitted through sex

According to the doctors of the Institute of Malaria – Parasites – Insects Ho Chi Minh City, pubic lice are parasitic insects also known as pubic lice, crab lice, crab lice, inguinal lice.

Pubic lice are blood-sucking insects without wings, live and reproduce in the pubic skin, genital area, especially in men, in addition, pubic lice can be found on eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, mustaches , chest, armpit… very rare in hair.

When parasitic on the human body, pubic lice are the causative agents of pubic lice or pubic lice that cause itching in sensitive areas.

So far, pubic lice have not been found to transmit any diseases. Itching is the most common symptom of the disease, caused by the louse’s saliva, when the lice feed on blood, the saliva secretes a reaction. Itching occurs 1-2 weeks after infection.

Rare: Nearly 100 pubic lice nest on the patient's male eyelid - Photo 2.

Image of pubic lice. Photo of Institute of Malaria – Parasites – Insects City. Ho Chi Minh City

As with other lice infestations, intense itching that leads to scratching can cause sores and secondary bacterial infections. If the eyelashes are infested with lice, secondary infection can lead to herpes conjunctivitis and keratitis. In addition, the patient may lose sleep, mentally inhibited.

Itchy red papules are the most common, and itching tends to be worse at night. Bruises and abrasions found on the patient’s skin.

Another manifestation of the disease is pubic lice eggs and eggs attached to the pubic hair or to a lesser extent other body hair areas (eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, mustache, armpits, chest, back) making them we are uncomfortable.

People infected with pubic lice should be evaluated for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Pubic lice are transmitted through close physical contact (eg, from an infected beard or chest), possibly sexual contact.

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