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Over 1 million transactions made via National Data Sharing and Integration Platform

Follow Ministry of Information and Communicationsin May 2022, there were over 32.8 million transactions made via the Shared, Integrated Platform country data (NDXP – National Data Exchange Platform), up 28 times over the same period in May 2021. On average, in May 2022, more than 1 million transactions are made through NDXP every day.

In general, the total number of transactions made through NDXP from its opening (October 30, 2020) to the end of May 2022 is 440.8 million transactions (in 2021, there were 180.9 million transactions made). via NDXP; daily about 500,000 transactions through the platform).

The national data sharing and integration platform (NDXP – National Data Exchange Platform) was built, step by step connecting and sharing data among ministries, sectors and localities. NDXP has connected to the system of 90 agencies and units; in which, there are 85 platforms for integration and sharing of ministerial, sectoral and local data (LGSP); 10 databases and 11 information systems ranging from central to local.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, for each transaction through the NDXP platform, people and businesses do not have to provide and declare information many times; help civil servants, public employees and employees not have to enter data, synthesize data on many different software; help leaders have general, unified and reliable information to make timely and effective decisions; help increase data reuse, avoid duplicate investment, cause waste.

Therefore, it is estimated that each transaction through NDXP saves 3,000 VND for the society (the cost of moving to – about the place to authenticate the paper documents, the cost of certifying the documents, the waiting time, the processing cost. of civil servants; not to mention opportunity costs, costs of storing paper documents, etc.). In 2021, connecting and sharing data through NDXP has contributed to saving hundreds of billions of dong for society.

The creation, connection, sharing and opening of data between state agencies is of utmost importance, creating a premise to promote rapid digital transformation in Vietnam on all three pillars of digital government, economy. digital, digital society. This is also one of the main contents used by the Ministry of Information and Communications to evaluate the level of digital transformation of ministries, branches and localities every year.

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