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Police lieutenant delivers birth to pregnant women on the side of the road: Help instinctively, inexperienced!

07/06/2022 07:36 GMT+7

On the way home from work, the police lieutenant successfully assisted the delivery of a pregnant woman on the side of the road in Nam Can commune (Ky Son, Nghe An).

On June 6, the story of a young man assisting a pregnant woman in childbirth on the side of the road in Nam Can commune (Ky Son, Nghe An) was shared on social networking forums. Very quickly, this young man’s identity was found, it was Luong Van Thach – Lieutenant of Nam Can commune (Ky Son).

Sharing with us, Mr. Thach recounted yesterday afternoon (June 5), on his way home from work, he met a pregnant woman on the side of the road. Without thinking much, he went to inquire and assist in calling a taxi to take the pregnant woman to the commune health station. However, at this time, the pregnant woman can no longer walk, while the medical station is about 15 km away from the site.

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Lieutenant Thach helps pregnant women pass labor on the side of the road

At this time, the mother’s husband and two other women were also present. All decided to let her give birth on the spot. Anh Thach and everyone standing next to her constantly encouraged the woman during the birth process.

“Before that, I had never encountered a similar case. I had not learned or had any experience in midwifery. I instinctively rushed in to help. At that time, the mother was weak and on duty, she fainted, I can only stand by, cheering and encouraging her to try. In my head, I am extremely worried because I know that women who give birth are very hard, the door of birth is the door of death.”, Mr. Thach said.

After about 30 minutes of effort, a baby boy weighing about 3.1 kg was born in the utmost happiness of everyone. Then, he handed over the mother and daughter to the commune health station. It is known that the mother and daughter’s health is stable and they are allowed to go home.

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Portrait of a man who helps pregnant women to give birth in Nghe An

Police lieutenant also shared, this woman is Ms. Xong Y Bi (SN 1990, local). Fortunately, the mother has had experience in giving birth, so the labor process is also more convenient. This baby boy is the third child of Bi and her husband.

Anh Thach was very surprised when the story was known to many people. He himself helped for the sake of the heart, but did not like to be famous. The mother’s family then thanked him and sent him 200,000 VND, but he immediately refused.

It is known that Mr. Thach studied at the People’s Security Academy. Up to now, he has been working in Nam Can commune for nearly 3 years. In addition to the time spent at work, the police lieutenant is also passionate about traveling and exploring.

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Anh Thach is passionate about traveling there.

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