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Princess Kate releases never-before-seen photos of the Platinum celebration

On 6/6, husband and wife Princess Kate shared never-before-seen photos of the couple with their 2 children during their days at the Platinum celebration.

New set of emotional photos with the message: “It was a wonderful weekend. Seeing people across the country with family, friends and loved ones is very special.

Thank you to everyone who has honored and honored the Queen of England and her 70 years of passionate reign. From crowds on downtown streets to communities hosting street parties across the country, we hope you had a memorable stay.

We all had a great time, especially Louis!“.

Princess Kate released a set of never-before-seen photos of the Platinum celebration, responding to her son Louis

The Queen of England is emotional standing on the balcony of the Palace waving to the crowd at the closing event of the Platinum ceremony on June 5.

Some photos of the Platinum ceremony shared by the Cambridge family.

Prince Louis, the youngest son of Cambridge, has caused a media storm in the past few days with a series of cute and funny expressions and mischievous and sly actions. Despite being 5th in the line of succession to the throne, Louis still comfortably lived his innocent childhood.

The boy received the love of the Queen of England, his grandfather Charles and members of the Cambridge family. A new photo shows Prince Louis standing neatly in the doorway, sitting next to his mother Kate gazing out. Another black and white photo captures the moment Louis is next to his father with a mature and confident gait.

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Prince Louis matures with his family in the new set of photos.

Two other pictures captured the moment the Duchess attended the party near Kensington Memorial Park, just a short walk from the Cambridge family’s London residence in Kensington Palace. The couple were two of about 18 million people who flooded the streets of the British capital on June 5 to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

The 40-year-old Duchess wore a blue dress with white polka dots and white heels. Meanwhile, Prince William wore a vest and shirt the same color as his wife’s skirt. The two are constantly talking and visiting people. At the end of the session, the royal bride also sat at the banquet table to enjoy the food with her fans.

One partygoer said the arrival of the Cambridges was “a lovely surprise”. Another said it was “the perfect royal end to Platinum week”. At the same time, this person also added that he felt “extremely honored” to meet the royal couple William and Kate.

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Princess Kate’s bright smile when attending a street party with people in Kensington.

The Cambridge family and 3 young children continuously appeared during the 4 days of the great ceremony to take on different tasks and responsibilities. The moment the Queen of England gazed proudly at the Cambridges as they stood on the balcony of the Palace waving to fans at the end of the great ceremony said a lot.

The head of the royal family completely put his trust in the couple William – Kate and 3 small children. They represent a bright future ahead, continuing the reign that the Queen has painstakingly cultivated over the past 70 years.

Princess Kate released a set of never-before-seen photos of the Platinum celebration, responding to her son Louis

The Queen’s proud smile and gaze looked at the Duchess Kate family.

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