Reaching out strongly from a 100-year-old traditional craft village

Grown from the quintessence of traditional craft villages

As one of the leading non-ferrous metal recyclers and exporters in Vietnam, few people know that Ngoc Thien Global Group Joint Stock Company comes from a traditional craft village with more than 100 years of age – craft village. Dong Mai.

Dong Mai craft village is located in the center of Chi Dao commune (Hung Yen), which has a bronze casting profession that has been handed down for many generations. However, due to insufficient supply of raw materials in the market and slow consumption, in 1922, the craftspeople here expanded to lead recycling and maintained to the present time.

Formerly a lead casting and metal recycling facility in the above craft village, in 2005, Ngoc Thien Global was officially established, gradually applying scientific and technical advances, bringing modern machinery into production. instead of manual methods. This enterprise continuously anticipates technology, invests heavily in advanced equipment such as Korean inverter crane, capacity increase system, exhaust gas treatment, 4-digit 9 electrolysis technology, etc. Accordingly, Ngoc Thien gradually affirmed its prestige and position in the field of non-ferrous metal production and trading in Vietnam and some major markets in the world.

On the journey to the big sea, Ngoc Thien Global still hasn’t forgotten her roots. On the 9th day of the first lunar month every year, this business and the people of Dong Mai celebrate the anniversary of the craft village’s ancestors. Besides, Ngoc Thien Global also built the ancestral church to pay tribute to and commemorate the merits of the ancestors. The above work is also a solid spiritual fulcrum to help preserve and promote the good values ​​of metal casting – recycling.

Ngoc Thien Global: Reaching out strongly from a 100-year-old traditional craft village - Photo 1.

Combining the quintessence of a 100-year-old traditional craft village with modern technology and techniques, Ngoc Thien Global has contributed to bringing a new face to the field of non-ferrous metal production, recycling and distribution. step up to dominate the market.

Impressive achievements in the journey of 15 years of breakthrough

Over 15 years of establishment and development, Ngoc Thien Global has experienced many difficulties, but with unremitting efforts, this business has achieved a series of impressive achievements, despite the negative influences from the world. Covid-19 pandemic.

Up to now, Ngoc Thien Global is the largest non-ferrous metal producer in the North, supplying the market with an output of nearly 100,000 tons per year of the following products: 98% lead ingot; lead ingot 99.95%; lead recovered from recycling hazardous waste (HW), mineral slag, dust, mud; aluminum ingot 96%; zinc 96 – 98%; tin 96 – 99.97%; copper cathode 99.97%; High quality 99.97% copper plate. At the same time, this brand also exports products to 20 countries around the world such as China, Korea, India, Singapore, USA, Japan, Spain, etc.

In 2019, Ngoc Thien Global earned 2,640 billion VND, an increase of 516 billion VND compared to 2018, net profit reached 110.7 billion. In 2020, the group’s revenue will reach 15,000 billion, the brand value and total assets are about 550 million USD. In 2021, the group’s revenue continues to reach 11,500 billion USD, the brand value and total assets are nearly 1 billion USD.

From 2011 to 2022, Ngoc Thien Global has earned nearly 2 billion USD. At the same time, this enterprise has also become one of the leading units in the industry with an annual export scale of nearly 128.7 million USD.

Ngoc Thien Global: Reaching out strongly from a 100-year-old traditional craft village - Photo 2.

Not only stopping at the key field of production and processing, import and export of non-ferrous metals, Ngoc Thien Global also expands its investment into real estate with services of leasing land, factories, urban factories. , Tourist Resort. Simultaneously, the company also operates in the fields of high technology, financial investment, affirming the position of a multi-industry economic group.

Oriented to sustainable development, taking community responsibility as the core for all business activities, Ngoc Thien Global implements a series of environmental protection projects including waste treatment and collection, waste recycling machinery, Planting trees, etc. In addition, this business also improves the working environment for employees, applies US 4.0 technology to production processes to improve efficiency, close the system, and ensure the safety of employees. Maximum cleanliness for the environment.

With the values ​​that have been and are being achieved, Ngoc Thien Global gradually won the trust of customers, domestic and foreign partners with its quality mark, gradually reaching the goal of “International integration – Elevating the position – Going global”.


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