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Receiving the award, Jennifer Lopez thanked “heartbreakers”

At the award ceremony MTV Movie & TV Awards today, Jennifer Lopez became the owner of the award for the best soundtrack for the song On My Way into movie Mary Me.

On the award-receiving stage, the singer/actress captured all the attention with her “very different” thanks, as she thanked even those who broke her heart. “I want to thank the people who gave me this life. Thank you to the people who give me joy and also those who break my heart,” J.Lo shared when accepting the award, “Thank you to everyone being honest with me and those who lied. I’m also thankful for true love and also for the way I always lie to myself, because that’s how I know I need to grow up.”

MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022: Receiving the award, Jennifer Lopez thanked those who broke hearts - Photo 1.

Jennifer Lopez accepts the award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022. (Image: Getty Images)

After the speech, the owner of the hit On The Floor cried at the cheers and cheers of the crowd present at the awards ceremony. “I have to thank everyone who said to my face or behind my back that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I really don’t think I could do it without those words,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez has a film career spanning several decades. Some of her most memorable roles include in the movies Selena (1997), Hustler (2019) and many other romantic comedies.

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