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Research and build electronic workbook

Job books associated with personal identifiers connect job supply and demand in the market, helping functional industries deploy urgent support packages to employees.

On the afternoon of June 6, Dr. Vu Trong Binh, Director of the Employment Department (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs), said that this agency is studying and consulting more experts to propose the implementation of the job book. electronically linked to the population database.

Accordingly, the job book will save the entire working process, qualifications, and movement of all workers in the market, encrypted with QR Code. When accepting workers, the employer only needs to scan the code to get all the information.

Self-employed workers receive support from the government of Ward 14, Go Vap District.  Photo: Le Tuyet

Self-employed workers receive support from the government of Ward 14, Go Vap District. Image: Le Tuyet

In addition, the information of employees is updated on the system, helping businesses need to recruit easily find the source. Job seekers also get full information on companies to choose from. From these data, management agencies can easily implement training policies, support labor, balance supply – demand.

Mr. Binh said that the electronic workbook has been implemented by many countries to help transparent the labor market, but it is completely new to Vietnam. The outbreak of Covid-19 has posed many challenges, labor management needs to change accordingly. When the workbook is born, it helps to quickly deploy support packages for employees.

Leaders of the Employment Department said that if the job book is implemented, it will be a breakthrough in labor market management, especially for the informal group; residential data connection; social insurance, health; laborers working abroad; credit support packages… It is estimated that with more than 50 million employees of working age, it will take at least two years to complete the relevant data field.

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