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Romantic, beautiful and delicate living space of a single girl in Hanoi

Apartment in Tay Ho (Hanoi) with romantic and sophisticated style is the living space of a single female owner who loves cooking and baking.

The apartment of a single female customer nicknamed MaiJolieVu with a delicate and romantic design in Tay Ho (Hanoi) is completed by architect Dao Trong Truong (commonly known as Msozet School) in 2021.

After a period of use, apartment Still like new and has received quite positive feedback from the owner.

Mr. Truong Msozet said, at first, the construction was expected to take about 20-25 days before the 7th lunar month. However, then immediately caught in the epidemic, Hanoi took 2 months apart, so the time was delayed.

At this time, the homeowner is looking forward, impatiently designing, all because the brain child is always pregnant but can’t be born, so the finished product is like a gift for those who have been patient. waiting.

Invite readers to visit this apartment with the category Beautiful House:

1 can ho 7682 can ho 769

Kitchen at the entrance. High ceiling shoe cabinet system, large size for homeowners with lots of area to store shoes or for helmets, raincoats as well as some sundries such as keys, umbrellas… Rustic dining table, wooden color natural is the division of space between the kitchen and the guest.

3 can ho 770
Elegant, gentle living room with painted walls with the name of the owner. Green trees create accents and increase the aesthetics as well as the richness and vibrancy in the space.

No matter what angle you shoot, with the compositions arranged furniture Like the light, the apartment still shows up through the beautiful picture frame, leaving an indelible mark.

The corner of the dining table of the owner who loves the kitchen, is addicted to the house.

Simple decor details in the shoe cabinet but eye-catching. The shoe seat has a solid wooden pillar with a small diameter that brings impressive beauty.

21 can ho 78015 can ho 781

Unique and strange bar chair, made of imported natural wood, has been meticulously dried.

“Minimalism does not mean sketchy. I always ensure aesthetic elements, convenient functions, and convenience in my designs,” said the architect of Msoret School.

9 can ho 786
View from the door to the inside of the house.
24 can ho 78723 can ho 788

The modern and luxurious master bedroom not only creates a comfortable resting place but also for studying, working and relaxing.

26 can ho 78925 can ho 790

Architects make the most of the area of ​​space, remove unnecessary items as well as properly sized furniture and arrange reasonable lighting, helping the room not be cramped, lacking in energy. living. The dressing table is decorated with little but much life through flowers and trees.

35 can ho 79136 can ho 792

The toilet area in the master bedroom is designed with attention to color, light as well as the necessary ventilation so as not to affect the daily living environment.

The overall room does not have much furniture, but thanks to the reasonable layout combining the smart yellow and white color scheme, the space looks more beautiful.

The extra bedroom combines a bright workspace with a large balcony.

33 can ho 79934 can ho 800

Beautiful working corner, decorated with vivid green trees. Wooden shelves with a bit of modern industrial style.

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