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See this finger to know if a woman is easy to cheat or not?

According to a study by scientists from the University of Oxford (UK), those with a longer index finger than the ring finger – the ring finger – are often more attractive to men and therefore also increase possibility of having out-of-the-box relationship higher.

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Scientist Eiluned Pearce measured the fingers of 275 female volunteers and took a sample of their DNA, then subjected them to a psychological test. Then, Eiluned Pearce found that women with a higher ratio of index finger to ring finger on their left hand were more impulsive and less appreciative of their relationships.

According to scientists, in the womb, the child who receives more testosterone (masculine hormone) will have a ring finger that is longer than the index finger. Therefore, researcher Eiluned Pearce said that women with longer index fingers than ring fingers (ie less masculine hormones) will be more feminine and attractive to men. And because they know that they have the right to choose, and are less satisfied with their current partner, they are more likely to have random acts outside.

This isn’t the first study to suggest that sexual preference may be linked to finger shape. In October, scientists at the University of Essex (UK) found that finger length was linked to sexual orientation, also due to the level of sex hormones a baby was exposed to in utero.

Dr Tuesday Watts, University of Essex, said that a person’s sexual orientation is determined from the womb. It depends on how much male hormone the fetus is exposed to or how each person’s body responds to that hormone. The longer the length of the ring and index fingers, the more likely they are to be gay.

Last year, The Sun linked men’s ring finger length with their endurance in bed, also thanks to testosterone exposure.

In addition to looking at the index finger, women possessing the following characteristics are also rated as more likely to cheat than others:

Women are extroverted

Usually the extroverted woman will have open thoughts and views in married life. They always want to find a new feeling again because with these women, a long married life is easy to get bored because the cycle repeats every day.

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Adventurous women

If she always likes the thrill, excitement, always discovering things that are considered taboo or conquering challenges without being detected, then you should be on the lookout, adultery is not out of the way. hers.

Women in high demand

This type of woman is very easy to find another man to satisfy her needs when her husband cannot meet her needs. Her desire for sex makes her lose control of herself and it’s easy to fall.

Women who have been betrayed

When a woman is betrayed in her marriage, she is more likely to commit adultery. This mentality is often seen when they feel lonely, need someone to understand and that is the reason why their stance is shaky and easy to fall.

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