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Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend “revenge”

Shanghai was vibrant on the first day (June 1) of reopening. (Video: Global Times)

Beijing shopping malls, Shanghai Busy again when the “revenge” spending mentality increases

The capital Beijing has also eased restrictive measures from May 29. Accordingly, a part of the traffic system is restored to operation; Some commercial centers, gyms and public places in districts that have not detected new cases of Covid-19 infection in the community for 7 consecutive days, are also allowed to reopen with a limited number of people.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

Many people poured into the Bund on June 1 – the first day the city eased restrictions after 2 months of blockade because of Covid-19. (Photo: AFP)

With its position as a commercial center and also a special locomotive in China’s most dynamic economic region, the city of Shanghai with 25 million inhabitants has proven its performance and vibrant spirit, promising a quick recovery. fast.

“Almost a late New Year celebration,” a Shanghai resident surnamed Li posted a comment on the WeChat platform, along with a picture of him watching fireworks at the popular tourist spot Bund.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

On the first day of June 1, Shanghai returns to normal, one of the main attractions chosen by many people is the Yuyuan Garden (Yuyuan Garden next to the Chenghuang Temple, in Shanghai Old Town). (Photo: Wu Shiliu/GT)

After the government Shanghai easing travel restrictions from June 1 to areas with a low risk of Covid-19 infection, the streets quickly returned to busy with these flows of people coming to work, others “taking to the streets” to breathe fresh air”, others go to tourist and entertainment destinations, although these places can only accept a limited number of visitors.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

Long-standing brand restaurants in Shanghai welcome diners back on June 1. (Photo: Wu Shiliu/GT)

Shopping malls in both Beijing and Shanghai have also gradually reopened, including top shopping destinations such as Beijing’s 2 World Trade Centers and Beijing’s SPK, and Plaza 66 and Taikoo Li Qiantan. famous of Shanghai.

Luxury goods stores at these locations such as LV (Louis Vuitton), Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Dior… have witnessed many brand-name followers queuing up outside, clearly showing the spending mentality. enemies” after Covid-19.

Post-Covid-19 “revenge” spending sentiment increases in Shanghai

Consumer Xiaohongshu user @Mr.Shu shared on Weibo platform (like China’s Twitter) that the queue outside the Hermès shop at Shanghai Plaza 66 is the longest of the lines at other luxury shops. also opened on May 31.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

Shanghai fashionistas with a post-Covid-19 “revenge” spending mentality, line up outside a Louis Vuitton shop at the International Finance Center (IFC) on Pudong, Shanghai. (Photo: Handout)

“Spending a post-Covid-19 revenge in Shanghai means a long queue outside the Hermès shop. (Although) the woman in front was carrying 2 large LV (Louis Vuitton) bags” – another Weibo user comment.

On May 26, the first pre-sale day of the 618 Shopping Festival (the largest mid-year shopping festival in China), the livestream of Li Jiaqi – China’s leading livestream seller, famous for his nickname “Lipstick King” – has attracted more than 100 million views.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

The post-Covid-19 “revenge” spending mentality is clearly shown in the flow of people flocking to Plaza66 Shopping Center on Nanjing Road, Shanghai on June 1. (Photo: Chen Xia/GT)

In general, Shanghai’s massive, magnificent and potential comeback is considered to be on full display from the first day the city reopened. The post-Covid-19 “revenge” spending sentiment among many consumers has increased rapidly since Shanghai announced it would lift restrictions.

Shanghai reopens, brand believers spend

Shanghai residents are often described as the most stylish and fashionable in the country. Even in the time of Covid-19 there was still a scene of long queues in front of the LV shop at IFC on August 29, 2020. (Photo: Cao Siqi/GT)

That is understandable because the average income of Shanghai residents in 2021 is at 78,027 yuan ($11,673)/person/year – the highest among mainland Chinese cities.

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