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Shocked heart many times, saving the life of the old woman who stopped heart due to myocardial infarction

The 72-year-old woman had severe chest pain, then fainted, and was hospitalized in the emergency room of Thu Duc City Hospital. When he entered the hospital, his heart rate slowed down and his blood pressure gradually dropped

On June 7, Dr. Nguyen Thai Anh (Department of Cardiovascular Resuscitation, Thu Duc City Hospital), a member of the emergency intervention team, said that as soon as the Emergency Department doctor discovered that the old woman had a stroke. heart attack emergency, consulted with the coronary intervention team of Cardiovascular Resuscitation Department and urgently brought to the cardiac catheterization room for coronary intervention.

“But after only 10 minutes of being taken to the cardiac catheterization room, while taking coronary angiography, the old woman’s heart arrhythmia and stopped continuously. All the doctors and nurses together divided into several groups. stresses your heartproviding oxygen and electric shock nearly a dozen times for her heart to beat again in parallel with the operation of the coronary intervention team”, the doctor recounted.

Shocked heart many times, saving the life of an old woman who stopped heart due to a heart attack - photo 1
The old lady recovered well after the treatment


The results determined that she had a total blockage of the right coronary artery with a lot of blood clots. The team of doctors from the Department of Cardiovascular Resuscitation has administered the clot-dissolving drug Alteplase directly into the blood vessels coronary artery blocked, then attempt to remove a large amount of clot to re-open the flow.

When the coronary arteries returned to circulation, her heart beat again in a steady and steady rhythm in her chest. She is healthy now.

Doctor Thai Anh said that in the case of a very serious heart attack and repeated cardiac arrest, the death rate could be as high as 80%. Fortunately, the patient arrived at the hospital early and was quickly and accurately diagnosed by emergency department doctors, with synchronous coordination between the intervention team and the resuscitation team.

Grandma is now recovering health good, walking is no longer difficult to breathe.

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