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Silicone pump to increase penis size makes a 32-year-old boy deformed

Upgraded silicone pump, “vaginal” deformed

Being criticized for his “tiny” boy, the 32-year-old man went to a silicone pump facility to increase penis size.

After the injection, the “small penis” was suddenly deformed due to the silicone movement, but he hesitated and did not go to the doctor right away. A few months later, the pain increased, the penis was bruised, it was difficult to erect, so he went to the hospital to check.

Doctor Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of Urology and Nephrology Surgery, E Hospital (Hanoi) – said that the examination results showed that the male patient had a serious infection due to the unsecured silicone pump. Furthermore, the patient’s late arrival at the hospital resulted in partial skin necrosis.

The doctor had to surgically remove the entire injected silicone patch, cut off the infected skin, and take the skin to reshape the penis.

It’s not unusual for gentlemen to go to the emergency room because of self-improvement of their “boys” with a massage machine or a silicone pump. Previously, Can Tho Central General Hospital also received a 43-year-old male patient with complications from injecting liquid silicone into the penis.

About 7 months ago, he used to inject silicone on both sides of his penis because of his self-doubt.

At first, he noticed that the skin of the penis was firmer, increased pleasure. Three months later, the silicone mass began to spread down to the base of the penis and scrotum. At this time, the “small penis” is tight, deformed, the scrotum and foreskin are hard not to slide down. The relationship was also difficult, so he was forced to go to the hospital to “pick up” the silicone.

The Ministry of Health has not yet licensed the injection of liquid silicone to increase the size of the penis.

Doctor Nguyen Duy Khanh – Center for Andrology, Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi) – said that men have always wondered about the size of the “small penis” and tried to find ways to increase the size.

There are many methods to increase the size of that part, such as using self-made materials (grease injection), artificial materials (silicon) or placing balls …

However, according to the latest study by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the method of injecting liquid silicone into the “penis” will lead to many complications. Immediately after injection can cause bleeding, infection.

More serious complications are caused by direct injection of silicon into the blood vessels. According to the intravenous route, the silicon particles will go to the brain causing cerebral vascular occlusion, stroke, entering the heart causing myocardial infarction … dangerous to life.

Further complications may be encountered such as headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath. In particular, when silicon penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue in the penis, it will cause distribution disorders, granulomatous tissue disorders that cause penis deformation, causing large places, small places, and lumps.

“We also call penises deformed by silicone injections as monsters, because they no longer have a normal shape,” said Dr. Khanh.

Doctor Khanh affirmed that in Vietnam, the Ministry of Health has not yet licensed the method of injecting silicone to increase the size of the penis. Even in the US, the FDA has only authorized the use of silicone pumps for intraocular injections to treat retinal detachment.

To further explain the fact that many spa facilities put ads to attract many men to “goods” even though liquid silicone injections have many complications, according to the expert, silicone is essentially a polymer with properties. chemically “inert”. Due to this “inert” nature, silicon is widely applied in the technical and medical sciences.

Silicon is quite safe in terms of allergies, that is, when the body comes into contact with silicon, the rate of allergy is quite low. Therefore, spas and people often spread this method to each other, some cases even inject silicone at home.

The cost of importing silicon is very cheap, most of the silicone injected into the penis is not medical silicon, but usually industrial, semi-floating silicon. This is dangerous for those who want to increase penis size.

What is a humble “little boy”?

Doctor Khanh cited information in a recent study that many men have low self-esteem because of their modest “little boy” so they go to the doctor. But when analyzed specifically, up to 85% of young men are completely normal in size.

“A penis with a size of 6cm or more can bring sexual partners to orgasm,” said Dr. Khanh.

At Viet Duc Hospital, in order to increase the size of the patient’s penis, the doctors will, on a case-by-case basis, carry out autologous fat injection, stem/stemless fat flap transfer, using artificial materials approved by the Ministry of Health. economy allows.

Doctors recommend that men should not go to underground clinics and cosmetic establishments to pump silicone. If you want to improve your size, you should go to reputable hospitals for specific advice.

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