[Singen Sie in vollem Englisch]MUSIC VIDEO –Okazaki Physical Education

Thanks to the upper family (! This time I made and sang Taiiku Okazaki’s music video in English! This week’s J-POP cover art is the English version of “Music Video” (originally by Okazaki Taiiku). Please like, share, subscribe for future videos ☆ SNS ◆ Twitter ◆ Instagram https://www.instagram .com/satoshicastro/ ◆ Facebook ◆ We have launched “CASTRO’S GUIDE TO JAPAN”, a channel to broadcast “Japanese Culture x Music” overseas! Please subscribe to our channel! ◆ Check out my other channel “CASTRO’S GUIDE TO JAPAN” Check out other music cover videos ↓ Other cover song videos ↓ ◉[Singen auf Englisch]HANABI / Mr.Children (theme song of the drama “Code Blue”)[Vollständiger Text]Cover by Castro ◉[Mit vollständigem Text]Family Song / Gen Hoshino (Drama “Over” “Kahoko of Protection” theme song) cover ◉[Sing in full English]Dedicate your heart! (Theme song of the anime “Attack on Titan”) “Attack On Titan” “Theme by Linked Horizon (Cover by Castro) ◉[Mit vollständigem Text]BANKA / illion (title song of the movie “Tokyo Eating Tokyo”) cover ◉[Sing auf Englisch]RAIN / SEKAI NO OWARI[Mit Liedtext](Theme song of the film “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”) /watch ?v=fPc7hktzioE ◉[Mit vollständigem Liedtext]HANABI / Mr.Children (theme song of the drama “Code Blue”) cover by Castro ◉[Mitsingen Englisch]Heart (Attack On Titan anime theme song) – “Attack On Titan” Theme by Linked Horizon (Castro cover) ◉[Englisch ]Sing along]Pat / Kana Nishino[mit vollständigem Text]/ (“Vitamin Carbonate MATCH” CM song) “P a “Kana Nishino (Cover by Castro) ◉[Sing in English]Non fiction / Ken Hirai[With full lyrics](Sunday Theater “Little Giant” Theme Song ) / “Non Fiction” Ken Hirai Cover by Castro ◉[Mit vollständigem Liedtext]Chance over the back / Kame and Yama P (“I am a certain person. 』Theme song)[Sing auf Englisch]/” The Chance Over the Back “English Full Cover ◉[Mit vollständigem Text]I wonder if I’ve become a fool / Sugada Masaaki (“Scenery I’ve never seen” coupling) “Baka Ni Nacchatta No Kana (Did I Become Insane?)” Full Cover /watch?v=EUqJA4zAPxo ◉[Volltext]Saihate Aini / RADWIMPS (“Aquarius” TVCM song) / Sai-hate-ai-ni (J-POP) Cover ◉[Sing auf Englisch / mit Liedtext ]Chance over the back / Kame to Yama P (“I Am the Person of Destiny” theme song) / “The Chance Over the Shoulder” English cover ◉[Volltext]Watatsukibashi ~ Kimisofu ~ / Mai Kuraki (Theme song of “Detective Conan to Crimson Love Song” for the film)[Sing auf Englisch]“Togetsu Bridge” (“Case Closed” theme song) Cover https://www ◉[Auf Englisch singen]Stickman / RADWIMPS (“Frankenstein’s Love” theme song)[Mit vollständigem Liedtext]/ “Stick Person” English Cover https://www ?v=g1gtQdqZarA ◉ I tried to sing Blouson Chiemi’s background music in Japanese! / Dirty Works (Austin Mahone) Cover in Japanese ◉[Suurero Collaboration]Beauty and the Beast POP-Style Arrangement / Beauty and the Beast Pop Ver. With Suurero ◉[Volltext & japanische Untertitel]Live version / cover of Disney Beauty and the Beast theme song (featuring Emma Watson) https://www ◉[Mit vollständigem Text]Stickman / RADWIMPS (“Frankenstein’s Love” theme song) / “Stick Person” (J-Pop) Cover v=FMhNVuwRI6E ◉[Sing auf Englisch]collect! Party Peapo / Yabai T-Shirt Shop (with lyrics) / “LMFAO Shots Japanese Parody” English Version Https:// ◉[Englische Version]TOKYO GIRL / Perfume (“Tokyo “Tarareba Musume” theme song) with lyrics cover[auf Englisch singen] ◉[auf Englisch singen]Liebeslied / GReeeeN with lyrics / “Love Song” English cover ◉[Verifizierung]Is it cool to translate Justin Bieber’s “What do you think?” into Japanese? (Song by Softbank CM) ◉[Tanzstil-Arrangement]Orion / Genshi Yonezu (End Theme of Anime “March Lion”) Full Cover Version with Lyrics / “Orion” Cover (J-Pop) ◉ Road (Path) / GReeeeN Green Boys (from “Kiseki That Day’s Sobito”) cover with lyrics / “Michi” engl. Ver. Https:// ◉ Hanako Takamine / Shirt Number Full Cover with Lyrics / Takaneno Hanako-san Eng. Ver. Https:// ?v=nDYUEJXysFM ◉ SNOW SOUND / Alexandros “JR SKISKI CM Song” Piano Cover (with lyrics) / Eng. Ver. ◉ Koi / Gen Hoshino “Escape is Shaming But Useful” / KOI Eng. Ver. —— ——


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