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Surprised the reason Cao Cao admires Sun Quan’s talent

Cao Cao, Ton Quyen and Luu Be created the cauldron of the Three Kingdoms period. These three big characters are all outstanding talents who dream of conquering the world. Therefore, they become “invincible” enemies and always want to destroy the opponent.

Startled the reason Cao Cao admires Sun Quan's talent - Photo 1.

Image of character Sun Quan in the movie. Photo: Sohu

Although he was a rival for many years, Cao Cao once expressed his admiration for Sun Quan. Specifically, in 213, Cao Cao led his army to attack Nhu Tukou. At that time, Sun Quan’s forces defended strictly, making Cao Wei’s army forever unable to win.

In that context, Cao Cao personally led several hundred soldiers to the mountain to observe the military situation in order to find a plan to defeat Sun Quan’s forces.

However, when he saw the fleet of warships with sharp weapons and elite forces of Sun Quan, Cao Cao sighed. Not only that, Cao Cao exclaims that: “Having a child must be like Ton Trong Mau”.

Sun Zhongmou is the name of Sun Quan. Cao Cao’s above sentence is meant to praise Sun Quan as a talented leader, able to keep the inheritance of his father and brother, unlike brothers Vien Thieu and Vien Bieu.

Indeed, Ton Quyen is a wise man who has a wide range of visions. He had the longest reign in the history of the Dong Ngo Dynasty with 52 years in office.

Not only that, Sun Quan is the longest living person compared to Cao Cao and Liu Bei. After his death in 252, he was posthumously posthumously posthumously posthumously titled Ngo Thai To Dai Emperor. Accordingly, he is the only “Great Emperor” in Chinese history.

In addition to Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang – an outstanding strategist under Luu Bei also highly appreciated Ton Quyen.

During his lifetime, the Prime Minister of the Thuc Han Dynasty once commented: “Son Quyen occupied Giang Dong for 3 generations. The people are rich, the country is strong, the talents are countless”.

Even though he was an intelligent person, capable of governing the country, Sun Quan could not complete the hegemony of unifying the world.

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