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The clip of a girl waiting for 2 hours to meet a special person makes everyone tear up

Recently, a clip re-enacting the scene of a little girl waiting by the roadside for 2 hours to see her father is being passed around at a dizzying speed by the online community.

Accordingly, the girl stood on the sidewalk with a bag of food, in a low mood, constantly looking around and waiting for the car to pass. The mother said that her husband was a long-distance truck driver who was often away from home. This time, knowing that her father had stopped by the house on the way, the little girl was extremely excited. Both of them prepared food and fruit for the father to supplement his fatigue.

After 2 hours of nervous waiting, the little girl was finally reunited with her father. The girl brought the food bag to the man herself. When he discovered the wound on his daughter’s finger, the father immediately inquired, but the understanding child quickly withdrew his hand and said it was okay so that he would not have to worry. The meeting between the father and son only lasted a few days. short minutes because he still had to continue on his way to complete the work. Before saying goodbye, the little girl gave her father a sweet kiss on the cheek. When my father got in the car to leave, my eyes could not hide the sadness and regret.

The clip, after being shared, quickly became the focus of attention of the online community. Most are extremely touched by the sacred affection of the small family and hope that the members can be together soon.

Some notable comments from the online community:

“Every time I watch it, I shed tears, this sacred feeling can only be brought by family. Wish they could be together soon”;

“The happy look of the little girl when she received her father back made my eyes blurred from when I did not know. Everyone said that a daughter is her father’s little cotton shirt, holding her baby makes all the fatigue in her father disappear”;

“Not only every daughter, surely the wife is also touched when she meets her husband again. How can any woman not feel sorry for herself”;

“Me too, when I was the most memorable childhood, I rushed to the alley to wait for my father to come back. Every time my father went to work, I missed him so much, cried all night. Even though he was an adult, that feeling was still unbearable. forget it”.

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