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The director opens his heart before the broadcast of episode 72

Director of

The director of “Underground Storm” is grateful for the audience’s controversies. Photo: NVCC

The film also exploits other “underground storms”.

Movie path Underground storm Coming to the audience has passed quickly, when looking back on the whole process until your “child”, do you have any regrets or feel like there is something you want to do but haven’t been able to do?

– I, like all the brothers and sisters in the film crew, are happy because in the end after so much effort for Underground stormthe series has reached the audience and today also aired the final episode.

Of course, there are still some regrets, many things we want to do but haven’t been able to do it, but anyway “rice has been cooked into rice”, so we hope that in the following projects, we can do everything better. , to limit negligence.

Some details in the last episode of Underground Storm. Source: VTV

Why did you choose to end in episode 72? Did the process of building the ending make you worry a lot?

– Initially, we sent the 84-episode build for review. After that, according to the evaluation and comments of the leaders of the police industry, together with the broadcast station, the number of episodes was reduced to 75. During the screening process, opinions were mixed on issues related to negativity. in the industry, or the criminal world that the series built, found that it was not suitable for broadcast, so we continued to screen and edit it, and finally ended up with 72 episodes.

From the novel about the original script by Mr. Dao Trung Hieu, the ending is also a bit heavy for the character Ha Lam. After paying the price for her mistakes, she almost shunned everyone and went to give birth in a rather remote area. Everything was quite heavy after that, so Hieu and I also discussed to make the ending less tragic.

However, it still has to cut a lot to make the film’s development focus on the project of dismantling drug trafficking lines. However, I only revealed that Ha Lam will have a “badger” ending, which I hope will not disappoint the majority of the audience.

Director of

The director and screenwriter have many concerns with the details of “Underground Storm” from the novel to the film. Photo: NVCC

In the past time Underground storm received many mixed opinions about building characters in the industry, what do you think about this wave?

– Right from the beginning, we determined to build the story of scouts against drug crimes, so everything revolved around police soldiers and the criminal world. In addition, the film also exploits other “underground storms”. For example, the corruption of a small number of cadres who are tempted by money from criminals, causing them to suffer appropriate punishment.

In addition, the love triangle and quartet of the characters are also included to make the film more diverse, instead of focusing too much on solving crimes, or the inner life of the whole main character. face and villain… so that the audience has a wide viewing angle.

Soldiers, in addition to the noble purpose of maintaining social order, are just human beings with emotions, love, family life, etc., not to mention the times when they stumble and become soft. feebleness. But the important thing is how they stood up to the right, towards justice…

Director of

The director of “Underground Storm” recognized Ha Lam as the most controversial character in the film. Photo: NVCC

Ha Lam is the most controversial character “Underground Storm” is intentional

Ha Lam is perhaps one of the film’s most controversial characters. What do you personally think about the mistakes, the long slips that Ha Lam made during the mission?

– It is true that from the beginning until now, the character of Ha Lam has caused a lot of controversy. From dubbing the character, we were forced to change the character’s body from the Central Highlands to the Northwest, so the voice of actor Cao Thai Ha was forced to voice the North. Sometimes the words come out do not match the mouth shape, causing a reaction in the audience.

As for the character building, Ha Lam is a recent graduate, but immediately joined the task of supporting a large project. At first, Ha Lam was like a female police officer “literary in martial arts”, but also a very young and inexperienced girl, so when faced with temptations, she was also shaken by her thoughts. And in the end, she also made mistakes, but also came to her senses in time to make contributions to the project committee.

After those stumbles, no matter how Ha Lam tried to fix it, it was still not enough to make up for the mistake she made, so she had to ask herself to leave the industry. I think Dao Trung Hieu wanted to build a character Ha Lam to convey the message: a police soldier, if his bravery and stance are not stable, will be removed from the ranks and pay the price for his mistakes. his rescue.

Perhaps the audience has long been accustomed to the fact that the female protagonists in crime movies usually won’t be hit with negativity, but with Underground storm On the other hand, Ha Lam was placed on the boundary between good and evil, but could not stand firm, leaving a lesson for young people or all of us when falling into such a situation.

Director of

In order for the movie “Underground Storm” not to be dry when there are many love triangles and quartets. Photo: NVCC

In order for a crime film not to become dry, only full of professional details, how do you usually orient how to do it?

– As I said above, in order for the film to reach a large audience, in addition to focusing on the special project of eliminating drug trafficking, we also exploit the marginal lives of the soldiers, telling the story. all criminals. All blend together, making the film become “softer”. Of course, we’ve also planned to have mixed opinions about the fictional plots of the love stories of the characters, but we have to accept it anyway and we are always open to goodwill input. , so that the next project can be even better.

In your opinion, why do crime films always attract audiences who love Vietnamese films? What is the hardest thing to “please” the audience?

– Crime movies always create a sense of thrill and attraction. But to please the audience, the first element must be the script. Because audiences now have the opportunity to access many attractive films from abroad, especially from cinemas such as the US, Korea, China, etc., where quality works are still produced every year. Even other countries have TV series with the same quality as cinema – something that our country can hardly do with the current film production conditions.

Director of

“Through the Underground Storm, I have gained profound experiences, especially through approaching scenarios related to police soldiers” – director Dinh Thai Thuy. Photo: NVCC

However, that does not mean that filmmakers can’t look at themselves because in this era, low-quality movies will make audiences switch channels immediately because they have too many options for entertainment, especially on online movie channels for example.

This is a natural “rule” for us to look at and improve and develop more because moviegoers have the right to make criticisms or comparisons, even if we make films that are expensive. No matter how much money or effort they have, they don’t have to care. If we only try our best to protect our “child”, we will become conservative and apologetic people.

Will he continue to do crime movies in the future?

– Of course, this is one of my particular favorite subjects. Through the Underground Storm, I have drawn profound experiences, especially, through approaching scenarios related to police soldiers. Issues related to the profession, then the exploitation directions to how the image of the soldier is conveyed, so that it can be in harmony with both viewers and people in the industry. I know this will always be a difficult problem, but that’s not why I give up. Hopefully in the future, I will receive many new words with projects like Underground storm.

Thank you director Dinh Thai Thuy!

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