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The exam for the 10th grade in Literature for the Gifted High School in 2022

In the academic year 2022-2023, the High School for the Gifted (National University of Ho Chi Minh City) enrolls 9 specialized classes, including one specializing in Literature. Here are the 10th grade exam papers for specialized literature in school.

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This year, there are 2,300 students with more than 5,000 aspirations to enter the 10th grade of the High School for the Gifted (National University of Ho Chi Minh City).

Students are required to take 4 exams, of which 3 are non-specialized subjects: Math, Literature and English; 1 exam for electives from the following subjects: Mathematics, Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature and English.

Each candidate can register up to 2 subjects. The non-specialist exam consists of both essay and multiple choice sections. The subject exam is an essay. The test scores are calculated on a 10-point scale, the non-specialized test of factor 1, the specialized test of factor 2. Students will take the test in 3 days 4, 5 and 6/6.

The subjects with the most candidates are English and Maths. In which, 993 students participated in English and 672 students in Math. Enrollment quota for English and Math majors, each class is 70 candidates. Therefore, the odds of getting into the specialized English class is 1 to 14. The odds of getting into the Math class of the Gifted High School is 1 to 9.6.

In the school year 2022-2023, the school enrolls 9 specialized classes: Math (2 classes), English (2 classes), Informatics (1 class), Physics (1 class), Chemistry (1 class), Biology ( 1 class), Literature (1 class). The total target is 315 students, each class does not exceed 35 students, studying in District 5.

The school does not allow the exam questions to be brought out after each test subject, but will announce the topic after the end of the exam.

Last year, the benchmark for entering the 10th grade specializing in Chemistry was the highest with 35.35 points.

Ranked 2nd is the standard score for 10th grade English major with 35.3 points. Next is the benchmark scores of the 10th graders specializing in Physics (Physics exam), Math major and Literature major.

Successful students must meet the following conditions:

Classifying the conduct and academic performance of the entire school year of junior high school classes from good to above;

Grading lower secondary school graduation from good or higher;

Have an admission test score (class score) reaching the standard score or higher;

Complete the prescribed exams, do not violate the regulations in the entrance exam, and all of the exams get a score greater than 2.

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