The first time iPad “turned” into a laptop!

As announced at the WWDC 2022 event, Apple has upgraded the iPadOS 16 operating system version to a new “level” when it comes to supporting extremely many features for iPad models, especially multitasking mode.

More powerful multitasking, support for removable screens

For previous versions of iPadOS, iPad can only run up to 2 apps on one screen with split screen mode, or 3 apps if it comes with Slide Over, resizing the window is extremely difficult. limited period, in iPadOS 16, Apple redesigned the multitasking user interface, allowing users to use up to 8 applications at the same time on the screen, and added the ability to resize application windows, Make the most of the Apple M1 chip.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

The new multitasking mode is called Stage Manager by Apple. This mode automatically arranges applications and windows on the screen, allowing users to switch between applications quickly. For the first time, iPad users can multitask with multiple app windows on a single screen, resize and stack windows like laptops. The application in use will be placed in the center of the screen, other applications will be arranged on the left in order.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

Besides, with Stage Manager, iPad will also support separate screens in a more complete way instead of just “mirror” the iPad screen with 2 black strips on either side. Apple says the iPad M1 will support screens up to 6K resolution. Users can use 4 applications at the same time on the iPad screen and 4 applications on the separate screen.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

More Weather apps

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad doesn’t have its own Calculator and Weather apps, users have to use the web app instead. However, iPadOS 16 has added a standalone Weather application for users to use. The application interface will be reorganized to take advantage of the home screen space on the iPad.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

Upgraded Live Text and Visual Look Up features

Apple says Live Text will now work with video as well. Users just need to stop the video being played and proceed to select the text to copy. Live Text works throughout the system and can also work with 3rd party applications.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

With Visual Look Up, users can remove the background of any photo with just one touch, supporting people, animals, insects and even statues.

Reference Mode and Display Zoom

iPadOS 16 allows users to use the 12.9-inch iPad Pro as a reference display with consistent color accuracy across devices. In addition, the Display Zoom feature takes advantage of the power of the M1 chip to increase the pixel density of the screen, so that more applications are displayed. iPadOS allows applications to use storage memory as virtual RAM, up to 16GB, supporting more powerful multitasking.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

Working remotely

On iPadOS 16 there’s a new feature that allows groups of users to view, edit, and share content together from Files, Keynote, Numbersm Pagesm Notes, Reminders, and Safari apps, as well as third-party apps. When one person sends an invitation to a teamwork through a message, everyone in the conversation is automatically added to the shared workgroup with the shared file. Everyone can work together in real time, even making FaceTime calls while working.

iPadOS 16 launched: iPad

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