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The guy mistook 502 glue for ear drops for more than 6 months, the doctor was shocked and couldn’t believe it – Lifestyle

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

The doctor couldn’t believe that the patient could endure such purulent ear discharge for more than 6 months.

Mr. Yu (28 years old) in China went to Hangzhou No. 1 People’s Hospital for medical examination with an uncomfortable itchy ear condition. Here, at first, Dr. Li Yong, head of the Department of Otolaryngology, felt that the patient’s condition was not surprising. However, after hearing the patient tell the truth, he was shocked and exclaimed: “How can it last for so long?”.

Patient mistook 502 glue for ear drops

It is known that Mr. Yu has a history of chronic otitis media since he was a child, currently there is still a discharge from his left ear. At home, he still uses a bottle of ear drops.

About half a year ago, Mr. Yu’s left ear showed signs of bleeding. He thought that due to the recurrence of his old disease, he made it a habit to find a bottle of ear drops in the house to use. However, as soon as he used it, he felt that his left ear was extremely uncomfortable. At this point, looking more closely, he realized that what he was holding in his hand was not ear drops but a bottle of 502 glue.

The guy mistook 502 glue for ear drops for more than 6 months, the doctor was shocked and couldn't believe it - 1

Mr. Yu mistook 502 glue for ear drops.

When the incident happened, Mr. Yu felt that his ears were very uncomfortable but still tried to endure it instead of going to the hospital. He continued to suffer from this condition for more than half a year, until the ear began to drain more pus, emitting a yellowish-white liquid before he went to the hospital.

After listening to the patient’s presentation, Dr. Li Yong immediately examined Mr. Yu’s condition in detail. The doctor discovered that there was a white solid deep in the auditory tube in the left ear, it adhered to the skin, the eardrum showed signs of perforation.

“This white solid is 502 glue that hardens in the ear canal, which needs to be cleaned up immediately.” Dr. Li Yong said.

After that, Dr. Li Yong performed endoscopic removal of foreign bodies through the ear by minimally invasive method, carefully separated the 502 glue layer in the external auditory canal, and cleaned the entire ear canal. The surgery went smoothly.

After the surgery, Mr. Yu’s health recovered well, the fluid in his left ear stopped flowing.

Mr. Yu said: “My left ear has never felt so comfortable. If I knew that, I would have gone to the hospital for treatment soon.”

Sharing about Mr. Yu’s condition, Dr. Li Yong said that the patient should be treated from the beginning instead of arbitrarily using ear drops at home.

Dr. Li Yong also added that chronic otitis media is usually caused by acute-onset otitis media, the disease progresses slowly due to many reasons. There are also some cases due to poor resistance of patients such as children and the elderly, leading to chronic prolonged condition.

In the case of otitis media with discharge, do not subjectively buy ear drops like Mr. Yu, the delayed disease will be more serious. Mr. Yu’s case is very special, in addition to otitis media, there is also a foreign body in the ear.

In fact, there are many cases of 502 glue mistakes, but they are more common in younger children. Dr. Li Yong especially reminded families with young children, need to keep 502 glue out of reach of children, preventive medicine should be in the right place.

In case 502 glue gets into the eyes or ears, seek medical attention immediately. If an insect enters the ear, do not arbitrarily put the medicine in, when the bugs are alive, the drops will make them uncomfortable and bite into the ear, which can lead to perforation of the eardrum and hearing loss.

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