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The most space-saving car park for the crowded city

ChinaOn an area of ​​​​nearly 6,000 square meters, which usually can only accommodate about 500 cars, the smart parking lot in Shenzhen can hold 1,632 cars.

Automated car park triples the usable area

The 3D parking lot of Qijian Technology – a technology company based in Shenzhen – does not require an end-to-end operation, the car owner just needs to put the car in the escalator and all the rest is done by the machine. presently. The control via computer, online reservation, and online payment. The average time of each pick-up is about 90 seconds.

Smart automatic parking completed in December 2021 at Shenzhen Dalang Trade Center on an area of ​​5,916 m2 and holds 1,632 cars. A total of 136 vertical parking towers and on average each vehicle only needs about 3.63 m2 instead of about 12-15 m2 as usual.

This automatic revolving car park is considered the most space-saving parking type today. This is a form of parking that is not uncommon in China when there is no need for a valet. In Vietnam, the space-saving high-rise parking lot is quite limited.

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