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The mystery of the tunnel system inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Not only is the magnificent wonder outside, but hidden deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza is still countless mysteries waiting to be discovered. Many people believe that underneath the solid rock layers is a network of tunnels like a maze, which can lead people astray forever if they don’t know the way.

Mysterious system of tunnels inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, grave robbers have a

Painting depicting the Great Pyramid in its heyday more than 4000 years ago. Photo: pinterest

Originally built to protect the bodies and possessions of the Pharaohs from tomb robbers, the focus of the Great Pyramid’s design was placed on the exterior, as the interior needed to be sealed forever. However, that does not discourage rich seekers or later adventurers.

About the interior structure of the Great Pyramid

The interior of the Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Cheops, consists of three main chambers, with the Grand Gallery, numerous corridors and tunnels.

Originally, there was only one entrance to the Pyramid. Today, however, an additional entrance is discovered from the outside. It is important to know that the Great Pyramid was originally part of a larger complex of many structures such as small pyramids, high roads, catacombs and temples.

The different areas of the pyramid are connected by a system of tunnels and tunnels that were partly created by grave robbers.

The corridors and secret rooms that have been discovered include:

– The original entrance

– Tunnel dug by grave robbers, today used as entrance for visitors

– The corridor goes down

– Underground secret room

– Queen’s room and ventilation system

– Passing corridor

– Large room (Grand Gallery)

– The King’s Room and Ventilation System

– Grotto & Well . Conduit

Although carefully designed with dead-end tunnels and blocking stones, the grave robbers still manage to make it through all of them to reach the treasure.

King’s Room

This room is the tallest of the three main rooms and is completely encased in hard granite. The only thing left inside is a sarcophagus made entirely of a block of granite. When found in the early Middle Ages, the entire treasure was stolen.

Since the sarcophagus was too large for the narrow passage leading to the room, it was probably placed there before the exterior was finished.

Above the King Room are 5 layers of auxiliary rooms to prevent roof collapse. The only access to these chambers is a narrow tunnel dug by early Egyptologists.

Underground secret room

Also known as the “pit”, the underground chamber is the lowest of the three main chambers and is carved out of the subterranean rock beneath the pyramid. The depth of this secret room is up to 27 meters.

Interestingly, the western part of the room was never finished. The only entrance is through the hallway going down. It is believed that it was originally planned to be the resting place of Pharaoh Khufu, but during construction that role was transferred to the higher-ranking King’s Chamber.

Queen’s Room

The Queen’s Room is accessed from a side corridor and is built from finely finished limestone blocks. Despite such a name, scholars do not assume that this room was intended for the queen. On the other hand, some believe this is the resting place of the Pharaoh’s soul, or “ka”.

Mysterious system of tunnels inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, grave robbers have a

Inside the Queen’s Room. Photo: pinterest

However, since the room has been “cleaned up”, we can no longer find the exact answer.

Other Mysteries

There are many unsolved mysteries inside the Great Pyramid. In 2017, thanks to muon ray imaging, a gap was found above the large room. The length of that area is up to at least 30 meters and is called the Big Void.

Due to the epidemic, the study of this mysterious part has been postponed. The purpose of that area and how to approach it are still unclear.

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