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The new muzzle of U23 Vietnam under Coach Gong oh kyun

Coach Gong Oh-kyun brought Vu Tien Long to light

Vu Tien Long: The new muzzle of U23 Vietnam under Coach Gong oh kyun - Photo 1.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun enlightened the position of Vu Tien Long (Photo SPORT)

With a super hit against Korea U23 at the AFC U23 Championship, defender Vu Tien Long had a memorable moment in his career.

Compared to his teammates who left a mark at the 31st SEA Games before, Vu Tien Long is considered a round role and plays a quiet role in the defense system of U23 Vietnam under Coach Park Hang-seo. .

But since the new coach Gong Oh-kyun took over at the AFC U23 Championship, he has adjusted the tactical scheme from 5-3-2 to 4-3-3 or 4-4-1-1. Therefore, the position of full-back Vu Tien Long will have to take care of the attack instead of just completing the defensive task.

On the opposite side, Phan Tuan Tai’s great play with his trademark crosses is bringing an extremely beneficial attack to U23 Vietnam. However, if in the event of being caught, finding a way into the opponent’s goal will require a new strategy.

Therefore, coach Gong Oh-kyun boldly gave Vu Tien Long the green light to regularly join the attack, thereby bringing many surprises to the opponent. The goal against South Korea U23 is the clearest proof of the versatility of U23 Vietnam’s play under coach Gong Oh-kyun.

Vu Tien Long and the goal of a lifetime against Korea U23

Vu Tien Long: The new muzzle of U23 Vietnam under Coach Gong oh kyun - Photo 2.

Vu Tien Long and memorable moments at the Asian U23 Championship (Photo SPORT)

The beautiful “cannonball” of defender Vu Tien Long helped U23 Vietnam earn a valuable point against U23 Korea. Sharing his feelings, Vu Tien Long expressed: I am very happy that the whole team played their best to get good results against U23 Korea. As for my goal, at that time the losing team I was pushed to play higher, from Tuan Ta’s cross, when the ball came, I shot it without thinking about it. I really exploded with that goal because it was very important for the whole team.”

It can be said that Vu Tien Long’s goal brought a memorable moment for this individual defender as well as for Vietnamese football. Because this is the first time in an official tournament, we hold a draw with the Korean giants.

Not long ago, Vietnam Tel under Coach Park Hang-seo also had a historic draw against Japan in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in Asia.

Obviously, after memorable matches against the football powers in the region, we have shown great progress in terms of expertise, the players have become more confident and brave every time they enter the tournaments. big fight.

Hopefully, with what has been shown, U23 Vietnam will have a successful tournament, like what it did at the U23 Asian Finals that took place in Changzhou – China 4 years ago.

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