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The park is stoned for giving preference to people wearing short skirts

The promotion program to reduce ticket prices for visitors wearing school uniforms, especially short skirts above 10 cm above the knee, caused a park to be strongly criticized.

One Amusement park in Taiwan was “stoned” by public opinion when launching a discount program on admission tickets for tourists wearing school uniforms.

In particular, those who wear short skirts also enjoy a free photo opportunity. The program is open to visitors of all ages.

Follow CNAAmusement Park in Hsinchu City has launched a discount admission program for visitors wearing school uniforms.

Specifically, the ticket price was reduced from NT$999 to NT$500 (17 USD). Worth mentioning, those who wear short skirts at least 10 cm above the knee can also take photos for free.

The park is stoned for preferential treatment for people wearing short skirts-1
Park in Taiwan “stoned” for encouraging visitors to wear short skirts to enjoy incentives. (Photo: CNA)

However, the park’s incentive program was quickly criticized by Taiwanese public opinion when it was considered an act of “materializing” women and lewd.

Ms. Wu Tzu-ying, Secretary of the NGO Modern Women’s Foundation, stressed that the park’s advertising program could raise privacy concerns, and increase the risk of miniskirt photos. was speeded up unfortunately was captured.

However, a representative for the park confirmed that the ticket discount program is designed to help students get photos of “memorable outfits” marking their school days, as well as to help visitors who are not tourists. students have new experiences.

According to the representative, the park does not set a gender limit for any visitors who want to participate in the ticket discount program.

That means men wearing school uniforms or wearing short skirts are also entitled to a discount on admission. Since the special offer was introduced in June, the number of visitors to the park has increased by 10-20%.

Contrary to the opinion of netizens, visitors who have experienced the special program of the park are calm in front of other people’s worries.

Ms. Kiwi, who lives in Taichung city, said that back in high school, she and her classmates would cut their uniform skirts short to look more beautiful.

Therefore, she and her friends will take measures to protect from being exposed at the park and being photographed by strangers.

Or like Joanna from Taoyuan City, sharing an advertising tactic to encourage wearing short skirts is often used in nightclubs, so people do not need to worry about this problem.

However, this is the first time an amusement park has adopted this model, and Ms. Joanna thinks it is worth the visit and experience.

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