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The reason why Liu Yifei’s ‘Dream of Green Flowers’ resonated

“Dream Hoa Luc”, the film starring Liu Yifei, was praised for conveying the message “Women are like water”.

The work, directed by Duong Duong, was released on June 2, attracting more than 600 million views. On the forum Doubannearly 300,000 audience votes Dream of green flowers 8.8 out of 10, the highest among Chinese dramas in recent years. The film resonated in a number of Asian countries and territories.

Kiss scene of Tran Hieu - Liu Yifei

The kiss scene of Liu Yifei – Tran Hieu. Video: QQ

Sheet Van Hoi Newspaper Valuing great merit belongs to Liu Yifei and Tran Hieu. Writer Sister Do commented: “Two handsome actors and actresses, acting natural and fresh, the double acting scenes are not overly romantic, far from reality. They know how to express emotional progression. through eyes and words, concise and sincere”.

The website of the newspaper People’s Daily praised Liu Yifei for “bringing a near-perfect performance”. And Tran Hieu attracts the audience with his inner acting with his eyes. In some scenes, Tran Hieu and Luu Diec Phi performed delicately, making the audience sobbing, watching it over and over again.

Liu Yifei in the movie 'Dream Flower'

Liu Yifei in “Green Dream”. Video: QQ

Work fever thanks to the breakthrough script. The crew does not rely on hit literary novels like the recent series, but spends a lot of time adapting the play Zhao. Pan Nhi wind and moon save feng shui by Quan Han Khanh (Nguyen Dynasty) – one of the greatest playwrights in China. Based on the characters’ personalities, screenwriter Zhang Wei – once an associate professor at Beijing Film Academy – builds a series of details and relationships more complicated than the original, creating a thrilling plot. , nervous.

Above Beijingnews, Truong Nguy said he has been interested in dramas of the Yuan and Song dynasties since college, attracted by beautiful words and humanity. In particular, the female character under the pen of Quan Han Khanh is lively because she is both smart, brave and has a chivalrous spirit, a personality close to modern women. Through the work, the screenwriter wants to promote the friendship and independence of women.

Liu Yifei (left) and Lieu Nham in the work.  Photo: QQ

Liu Yifei (left) and Lieu Nham in the work. Image: QQ

Director Duong Duong said that the film conveys the message of “woman like water” – women are both soft, fragile and fierce, fierce like water. To express this, she surveyed a series of ancient towns and villages in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shaoxing… to choose the setting. Duong Duong included many rivers, lakes, and mountains in the work and placed small water tanks in some scenes, with the intention of women in the film to have the character of water.

Follow Beijing News, Dream of green flowers The difference between most Chinese historical films in recent years is in the visuals. Other movies often incorporate landscapes, making the image monotonous and artificial. Still in Dream of green flowersScenes and people are harmonious and realistic, as if recreating the scene of a period.

The film also makes viewers happy because of a series of realistic martial arts scenes, without using slow-motion tricks, without colorful punching and kicking movements. In addition, the actor’s face is natural because he does not abuse image editing. Before Dream of green flowersdozens of dramas were complained and booed by the audience because the main actor’s face was touched loss of contourseven blinding white.

Scenes from the movie Dream of Luc.  Photo: QQ

Scenes from the movie “Dream of Green Flowers”. Image: QQ

Artistic elements, disguised by the writer Ti Do’s Van Hoi Newspaper appreciate. The architecture, objects in the film or the way the characters are painted, costumes and costumes recreate the life and culture of the people of the Song Dynasty and at the same time harmonize with the modern aesthetic.

Follow SinaThe film has some illogical passages, awkward words, the female lead overwhelms others intellectually, but in general, these weaknesses are acceptable. Tens of thousands of viewers said to watch Dream of green flowers, they have a feeling of joy and fascination “like when watching a childhood movie”. The Tiangang account said that this is a rare work she watched in one go, without skipping any passage.

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