The style of job interview “beans”, you know?

Neat, clean, and appropriate clothes for the situation

Whether the houses job recruitment in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or anywhere else, in a meeting, their first eyes will rest on you, on the clothes you are wearing, not on your ability. Therefore, the dress is the first criterion for you to impress the employer.

The style of job interview

Choosing how to dress for an interview depends on where you are, and what your industry is. But neatness, cleanliness is a common requirement with all clothes for the interview. It will lose points if you show up with dirty or wrinkled clothes, as if you were hastily pulled out of a corner.

Do not assume that going to an interview must wear trousers and a white shirt. This style is only true for those who sell real estate or cars. Consider these factors: your work environment, the nature of your job, the style of the company you are applying to to make the right outfit choices. An outfit that is too serious is absolutely not the standard for interview fashion, but sometimes, it will make you look out of place.

Confidence, flexibility, and eye contact know-how

Try to let your brain always bounce numbers quickly during the job interview to be able to solve the swirling questions and answers of the recruiter. This flexibility may be innate, but more than 80% is due to training and experience in “real combat”.

The style of job interview

Keep your eyes bright, your smile bright, your brows never drawn together, and your relaxed, natural sitting posture – the most basic signs of a confident, stress-free, worry-free demeanor. Never show your embarrassment even when you encounter difficult questions, but cleverly find yourself a little time to think about the answers. You should know that, this little time is mostly just a split second. In the process, don’t let your answer be interrupted by useless particles like “um.. uh..”, don’t be lengthy but don’t be too quick, try to pretend you know everything. things because that will make it easier for you to expose the holes.

In particular, during the interview, you should not look at the ground or roll your eyes around. Always keep your eyes on the employer, make eye contact with them to prove that you are extremely confident and completely master this “game”. Your words can be fake but your eyes cannot be fake.

Positive energy, full of life

If you are a person with a great sense of humor, this quality will quickly shorten the distance with employers. But if you’re not funny, that’s okay, the positive energy emanating from you can definitely help you create a deep sympathy for the opposite person.

People with positive energy are those who always love life, always have optimistic thoughts, always find hope behind unsatisfactory things and they are completely capable of transmitting their positive energy to them. people around because amidst the chaos and worries of everyday life, people especially love the joy, kindness and energy they bring.

The style of job interview

At work, positive energy is the clearest evidence for the “law of attraction” because individuals with positive energy always have a wide circle of communication, always give – receive joy, always complete. every task is assigned with all the love and excitement.

Have you also been gazing intently at someone with positive energy, wondering why they always look so happy and wishing they had someone like them by their side? Then don’t dream anymore, turn yourself into one of them to conquer the hearts of all those around, including recruiters in the job interview process.

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