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Tom Cruise and his ex-wife in the controversial 18+ movie had to do this

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 03:23 AM (GMT+7)

Secret desires are expressed through the bizarre and naked lens of Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest directors of the 20th century.

The director’s record film was nominated 13 times for an Oscar

Stanley Kubrick has never stopped causing a stir with his films. Lolita (1962), Human machine (A Clockwork Orange – 1971) or Haunted hotel (The Shining – 1980) and many others were hot or controversial topics for a long time, until this director released a new movie and created the next controversy.

Eyes half-closed (Eyes wide shut – 1999) of the psychological, mystical genre, is Kubrick’s last film, and is also the most special film in many respects. The film tells the story of the couple Dr. Harford (played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) starting with a party at an acquaintance’s house. Here, meeting with certain people aroused in both spouses instinctive desires, curiosity, longing. Those are the things that seem like their happy, salty life outside can’t bring.

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife in the controversial 18+ movie had to do this - 1

Dr. Harford and his wife attended a party, where it all started.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are at the heart of the film. At that time, the two were married and were one of the most prestigious and powerful couples in Hollywood. The combination of the couple with the name of the 13-time Oscar-nominated director made the film world seething.

Tom Cruise and his wife had to move from the US to London to film at the end of 1996. The director confirmed that filming lasted only 6 months maximum. As a result, two A-list Hollywood stars had to stay in London for nearly two years, even blockbusters Mission Impossible 2 Tom Cruise also had to delay the release schedule from 1998 to 2000.

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The film has a lot of controversial hot scenes that are common when Kubrick releases a new movie.

Later, Tom Cruise shared that actually filming did not take up to 2 years but took place intermittently. The director is very generous about the day off, which is also a way for him to review the scenes carefully. However, the film is still recorded in the record book Guinness because of the longest filming time, up to 400 days, excluding time off.

Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Confess Their Fear Of Marriage

On the set, Kubrick is an emotional magician. When working with actors, he will find ways to push them to the limit to get the performance he wants. He can shred their emotions and then build new ones, making them like a completely open book in front of him. He did the same for Tom Cruise and his wife.

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“Half-closed eyes” has many scenes of heavy psychological tension.

Kubrick regularly separates the two main actors, giving them different content notes. More specifically, the couple were not allowed to exchange notes or talk about the instructions he set for each other.

During the six-day filming of Nicole Kidman’s private scenes, Kubrick banned Tom Cruise from appearing on set and also forbade Kidman from talking about filming with her husband. According to the script, Tom Cruise’s character Doctor Harford is also immersed in the fantasy of his wife getting intimate with another man.

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The actor’s emotions become very realistic through the way director Kubrick works

Under that pressure, both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had to confess to the director their hidden thoughts. It is the fear of marriage, the fear of commitment between two people. The line between the two actors’ roles and real life is blurred, which is very beneficial for the film but also poses a danger to the actors if they cannot separate their emotions. For Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, it was the test of their marriage.

“Australian Swan” Nicole Kidman shared: “Tom will hear things he doesn’t want to hear. It’s so real, and so real it’s brutal.”

Tom Cruise also added: “I wanted it to work this way, but at the same time playing with dynamite every time I acted. The emotions just kind of flared up.”

A week after completing the final build of the film, Stanley Kubrick suffered a heart attack and died. He died in March 1999, four months before Eyes half-closed in theaters, also making the film the final work of this great director.

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