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Turn an old car into a smart car with only 2.5 million

Connected Car is a trend in the world. The latest models on the market become more modern and smarter thanks to the ability to connect to your phone to control many features and manage vehicle details. That inadvertently makes conventional cars become obsolete.

VCar is a flexible solution to make most popular cars on the market smarter thanks to the ability to connect to a phone and manage a lot of vehicle information remotely. Just a small device that plugs into the car and an app downloaded to the phone is enough to make a big difference in the daily car driving experience.

Simple installation, easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of vCar is its ease of setup and use. The hardware of vCar is a small device that fits in the palm of your hand, inserting a 4G SIM to ensure a smooth connection. This box is plugged directly into the OBD2 port on the vehicle. Once plugged in, the LED will indicate whether the device is powered up and has cellular signal.

The vCar application currently supports both iOS and Android operating systems, and can be installed from the app store on phones and tablets. Connecting the application to a hardware device is as simple as scanning a barcode (or manually entering information printed on the device) and entering information about the vehicle in use. Testing the synchronization operation between the software on the iPhone and the hardware only takes a few seconds.

Display diverse and accurate information

Through OBD2 connection, vCar can display a lot of detailed information about the current vehicle condition such as speed, engine rpm, fuel consumption per 100km, battery status, coolant status. … or check the vehicle engine error code. The software also helps to find the nearest garage, rescue station when the car has a fault and find gas stations around to refuel.

The vehicle installed with the test vCar is a 2019 Ford Focus. The vehicle has an error related to the oxygen sensor. vCar immediately recognizes that and displays the corresponding error code (P013A) on the app. The “Find garage” feature comes into play when it finds the 3 nearest garages to easily bring the car in for inspection.

For those who have a habit of reviewing detailed daily journey history, vCar is an effective assistant, because this device automatically calculates and saves all information during travel. This device can calculate the distance, travel time, stop time, total fuel consumption, maximum speed … to calculate the average fuel consumption and average speed on the whole. Journeys. These metrics are automatically backed up scientifically so they can be easily checked back.

Car owners evaluate vCar: Turn an old car into a smart car for only 2.5 million - Photo 1.

Intuitive interface, displaying a lot of detailed information during operation.

Even vCar is so smart that it can recognize sudden acceleration, sudden braking, sharp turns or overspeeding to save the journey history. From there, the driver can review and learn from experience to drive safer next time.

Avoid “losing money” when participating in traffic

A good feature that cannot be ignored when using vCar is the speed limit warning on each route. In fact, not every driver is focused enough to observe all speed signs and understand the speed limit of each road segment, especially the first time routes. Of course, all information is for reference only because if the sign changes unexpectedly, the data takes time to update.

Vehicle tracking 24/7

In Vietnam, cars are still a valuable asset, so monitoring the car anytime, anywhere will make car owners more secure. vCar is also the bridge between the car owner and the vehicle without needing to be near the car. Journey tracking and real-time GPS positioning allow tracking the vehicle’s location at any time. At the same time, the features of collision warning or warning when the OBD2 plug-in device is removed from the vehicle also helps the car owner to proactively know that the vehicle is being invaded by thieves.

Car owners evaluate vCar: Turn an old car into a smart car for only 2.5 million - Photo 2.

Besides, the ability to locate the car is also used for a number of other personal purposes. Vehicle owners can create up to 5 individually designated areas. If the vehicle enters or exits the area, the app will issue a notification. This feature is especially useful when car owners have their own drivers and need to know the driver’s location while working. Or in case that private driver serves relatives (such as wife, children), the car owner will know the driver’s travel situation to see if he is on schedule or not. At that time, the designated areas can be private houses, companies or schools…

Car owners evaluate vCar: Turn an old car into a smart car for only 2.5 million - Photo 3.

The car is located 24/7 not only to help the car owner know the location of the car, but also to easily understand the driver’s daily schedule if there is a private driver.

Many extensions

Not only a vehicle monitoring device, vCar is more multi-function with many other extended features. In particular, the most special feature is WiFi broadcasting. According to the test, connecting the phone to the WiFi network from the vCar’s hardware is very quick with a stable signal, faster and more stable than using WiFi with conventional transmitters, especially without causing the phone to heat up when connected to the network. compared to when using 4G directly on the device. Viettel 4G package with vCar also allows unlimited access to some applications such as TV360…

Car owners evaluate vCar: Turn an old car into a smart car for only 2.5 million - Photo 4.

With only the vCar app, car owners can also look up 4G package information, top up, and look up cold fines. This application also automatically reminds maintenance and renewal of registration, papers, so even the busiest person can not forget.

It can be seen that vCar has solved most of the problems that a driver needs to care about in the process of using the car every day. With the conveniences that vCar brings, this device is really a completely simple smart connection solution for most car models being sold on the market. With only 2.5 million VND, you can own a set of vCar devices distributed by Viettel. This product is warranted for 12 months. In case of difficulties with the initial installation operation, Viettel can support processing at the transaction point or guide remote operation.

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