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U.23 Vietnam and the worrying thing in a life-and-death match with Malaysia U.23

the past 5 years, Vietnamese football always win against Malaysia at both national and U.23 level. Will teachers and coaches Gong Oh-kyun be able to continue this series of achievements in the final round of the 2022 Asian U.23 group stage?

U.23 Vietnam need to ensure the necessary conditions for the goal of participating in the quarterfinals U.23 Asia 2022is required to win U.23 Malaysia. If looking at the history of confrontation between the two sides, U.23 Vietnam has a basis to realize this difficult task.

Playing so well against Korea, U.23 Vietnam is still eliminated in any case

And if you look at the performance of both teams at the 2022 Asian U23 Finals after the first 2 rounds of the group stage, U.23 Vietnam also has a reason to confidently think about 3 points before U23 Malaysia, the team has won eliminated after 2 big losses against U.23 Korea and U.23 Thailand.

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U.23 Vietnam will enter a tough match


However, 90 minutes on Lokomotiv Tashkent Stadium on june 8 will not be easy Coach Gong Oh-kyun and students. Football has no bridging nature or historical value. Malaysia U.23 has no chance to continue, but in a match to save the honor, they can completely create a surprise. Remember half a month ago, U.23 Vietnam had 3 more players who were too old, how did they mess up when playing against U.23 Malaysia live SEA Games 31. In the men’s soccer semi-finals of the congress, the team was led by Coach Park Hang-seo At that time, it was 0-0 after 90 minutes of official time and had to wait until the 111th minute for U.23 Vietnam to get the only goal after Tien Linh’s header to reach the final.

U.23 Vietnam and the worrying thing when playing a life-and-death match with Malaysia U.23 - photo 2

Continue to wait for U.23 Vietnam to explode


June 8 will be the big day for the three Southeast Asian teams in Group C of the Asian U.23 Championship. The second ticket to the quarterfinals will be decided in two matches at the same time.South Korea U.23 after 2 wins won the first ticket). Not allowed to draw or lose, U.23 Vietnam is of course under much greater pressure than the “Malay Tigers”. One problem with U.23 Vietnam is that they will return to the top position when meeting U.23 Malaysia.

Why did Khuat Van Khang have to try doping after the match U.23 Vietnam – U.23 Korea?

Of course, this is what Coach Gong Oh-kyun expected, when he himself really wanted the philosophy of attacking and imposing the position of U23 Vietnam to be expressed more clearly. However, in 2 draws against U.23 Thailand and then U.23 Korea, Mr. Gong Oh-kyun’s students still revealed some problems. The strikers have not had a high scoring performance, 2 of the 3 goals of U.23 Vietnam were scored by defenders. In addition, at many times, the control of the ball from the passes and the player’s fitness is not without concern.

Excluding the match against U.23 Korea – a very strong opponent and U.23 Vietnam had almost no chance to control the game, before U.23 Thailand, U.23 Vietnam’s passing rate failed. over 90 minutes up to 26%. U.23 Vietnam must strengthen the competition for the ball, push up the squad to regain control of the game. That makes the Vietnam U.23 player expend more effort in moments when they could have distributed their stamina more easily, if the passing was more precise, the coordination was more effective.

This is the 3rd match of U.23 Vietnam at AFC U.23 Championship 2022. In a way, the surprise from the lineup, people to the way of operation may not be as much as the previous two games. U.23 Malaysia of course doesn’t want to suffer more defeats and then leave Uzbekistan in bitterness. With the bottom door and not too tied mentality, U.23 Malaysia can make U.23 Vietnam struggle in the competition on 8.6.

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