U23 Vietnam suddenly benefited from Malaysia’s ‘big event’ close to the game time

U23 Vietnam will have a match against U23 Malaysia at 20:00 on June 8. Although they are playing very sublimely at the AFC U23 Championship, however, teachers and coaches Gong Oh-kyun still cannot decide their own fate. Currently, the simplest and most feasible scenario for U23 Vietnam to continue is that we defeat Manh Tiger, thereby looking forward to the match between U23 Thailand vs U23 Korea to determine victory or defeat.

In fact, both of the above cases can happen at the same time, because the strength of U23 Vietnam is slightly better than U23 Malaysia and similarly South Korea is rated higher than Thailand. Even the prospect of us winning against Manh Tiger is strengthened more than ever when this opponent has been eliminated and is still undergoing internal turmoil.

According to Malaysia’s Vocket newspaper, The atmosphere in the team’s recent training sessions is becoming extremely tense. Coach Brad Maloney was extremely angry and helpless when he saw the poor performances and results of the whole team.

U23 Vietnam suddenly benefited from Malaysia's big event close to the game time - Photo 1.

Malaysia’s internal affairs were pushed to a climax before the time of the U23 Vietnam match when fans were putting pressure on the football federation to fire Mr. Brad Maloney. On his side, the Australian strategist also had a desire to return the hot seat to FAM, but officials from the federation asked him to complete his duties at the U23 Asian Championships, then return home. handle.

Contrary to the heavy atmosphere of the opponent, U23 Vietnam is in a very good mental state. On the afternoon of June 6, Coach Gong Oh-kyun let the whole team relax. It is known that this is the method used by the Korean military leader when the players are about to enter important confrontations.

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