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Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style

Back to the “new normal”, entertainment spots, bars, etc. have operated at almost full capacity to make up for the previous years of “sleeping” because of the epidemic, bringing a vibrant atmosphere. hiccup”! And one of the Hot bars in Hanoi is The Terminal – Central Cocktail Bar, located on the central street of Phung Hung!

Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style - Photo 1.

Let’s review to see if this destination has anything special that makes Ha Thanh young people “rush” to come!

New York space in the heart of Hanoi, Station style on the side of the train line

The first impression of The Terminal is a very hot place. Located on Phung Hung Street, opposite Tram Lane, this special bar is located right on the side of the train line, and the concept is also… Station, namely Central Station – Grand Central Terminal New York (The Terminal) ! This is the symbol of America’s leading bustling city with the highlight of the expensive watch. The wife of the US President Jacqueline Kennedy once affirmed: “The station is a universal symbol between the past and the present of New York City”.

Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style - Photo 2.

The Terminal is so famous that Americans have a habit of dating with the catchphrase: “Meet Me Under The Clock!” (Meet me below the clock!).

The highlight clock of The Terminal has 4 opal faces, worth more than 20 million USD, appeared in many classic movies such as John Wick, BTS’ MV… The Terminal New York also has a characteristic dome. with sophisticated horoscope details, “Whispering” museum, a tennis court, a bar…

These prominent New York-style features have been recreated at The Terminal – Central Cocktail Bar (Hanoi), from the characteristic dome, Baroque architecture to the clock… one of the shop owners, who studied for 10 years in the US and always has full memories of the inspirational journeys that came from this Central Station.

Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style - Photo 3.

“People come and go, only memories stay” is the message of The Terminal.

The space of the shop is located in two old pine houses, in a typical alley of Hanoi, with the sign “The Terminal” that you just need to look up to see, has long become a new mark of the Capital. . You can choose the 2nd floor, with a more private VIP room, or the 1st floor with tables to “dance” near the bar, with open space. All are rated “stable” by nightlife enthusiasts.

7749 “fun” levels with catchy music – unique Cocktail menu

Arriving at Central Station, “passengers” can check-in baggage with stories and emotions at the counter, and experience a unique journey, while enjoying delicious cocktails. Still with the concept of the station, the drink menu has very special Signatures such as: Enchantress reminiscent of a mysterious “pink ball” on the train, Late Night Steamy, reminiscent of the heat of a special relationship on the train. night, or a glass of North-South Express with the North-South train concept, taking us to explore all over Vietnam…

Besides, “the taste of America” ​​is also included in each cocktail of The Terminal – Hanoi. It is New York Sour – the top impressive variation of the classic Whiskey Sour, with a slight sour taste, a little soft foam, once one of the most popular Cocktails of America’s leading bustling city. At “Station”, you can also enjoy Manhattan – a cocktail named after New York’s leading commercial, economic and tourist center.

Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style - Photo 4.

Emotional “pilot” is a team of skilled bartenders of “Ga Station”.

All of this reinforces the transparent message of a destination for everyone, a “transshipment point” that transports all emotions, from lightness, chill, to explosiveness… The emotional level is still up. hiccup” with interesting games and toys with 1-0-2, giving an experience like boarding a fun train, “forgetting the way home”.

The Terminal is also one of the top bars with DJs throughout the week, taking the emotional train running 7 days and nights non-stop, bringing many different emotions. On many special occasions, “Ga Station” also has music nights to “warm up” the whole of Hanoi, with the appearance of famous underground names like Gill, Orijinn, Lake … with “picking” beats. Rolling flow and punchline quality, guarantee your fun.

Unique Cocktail Bar with New York Central Station style - Photo 5.

Top music from DJ “witches”, unique signature cocktail menu prepared under the skillful hands of “train crew”, “America in the heart of Hanoi” space, station style on the side of the train line … There are so many reasons that young Vietnamese and tourists have been fascinated by this place and are inviting each other: “Meet Me Under The Clock”!

Of course, “a hundred hearing is still not equal to one seeing”, experience it for yourself and have your own feelings!

The address is here:

Hotline to book a table: 0963038654

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