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What are the consequences of falling in love in the bath? The expert’s answer surprised many people

With the problem you have, there are two things to be clear about:

The firstif you simply use the bath to flush and put shower gel, soap (safety and quality), even flower petals… into the water, then soak to relax, then I guarantee no What’s wrong with the vagina?

This part of the sisters is actually a virtual cavity. That is, only when penetrated or impacted does this cavity open, for example masturbation, sex, childbirth. Otherwise, it will close and simply soak in the bath will not affect anything.

Monday, In addition to soaking in the bath to relax simply, if combined with other things, such as cleaning the private area, masturbating or having sex, the risk of infection is completely possible. This risk is higher if the bathtub is not cleaned regularly and cleanly, the shower gel, soap, fragrance is not quality or when you are on your period but still soak the tub.

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Intimacy in the bath can cause inflammation. Illustration.

Quite a few women think that they can both soak and scrub their body in the bath, but in fact this will make the bath water in the tub dirty. Cleaning the genitals in the tub also easily opens the vaginal cavity and creates conditions for impurities and bacteria to penetrate inside, unbalance the natural bacterial ecosystem, causing infection.

During the menstrual cycle, the cervix of women is more dilated, bathing and soaking can cause dirt in the water to enter the uterus, easily causing genital infections.

Self-stimulation or sex in the bath is similar to rubbing the inside of the genitals with your hands, increasing the risk of bacteria and impurities entering and causing infection.

To be safe, you should do:

– Clean the bathtub;

– Do not use too much foaming shower gel and bath salts;

– Wash off all dirt before entering the tub;

– Do not soak in the bath for too long. The ideal soaking time should not exceed 30 minutes;

– Dry the body, especially the intimate area after bathing;

– Do not soak, take a bath while having a vaginal infection or during menstruation;

– Do not masturbate while in the tub.

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